Jul 26, 2021

Dead Artist Premium

This weekend I attended the show and auction of Greg Weaver artwork at the Penn State Campus in Center Valley. Although the show was very well done, I didn't stay long. Although the bidding was high, none of the money will benefit Greg or his wife, who have both passed away. Greg and I were friends in the 70's. He would frequent my photo shop, and I would enjoy his loft parties. Greg's loft moved from one low rent location to another over the years. It's fair to say that he made virtually nothing from the art that people were bidding against each other for this past Friday night. Those now benefiting from his mystique, an artist who went blind and continued producing art until he died young, hope to establish an alternative museum for local artists. I would like to see a permanent Weaver collection and designated room at the Allentown Art Museum. 

reprinted from December of 2014 

ADDENDUM JULY 26, 2021: Either this coming fall or spring, I will sponsor an art show for Jessica Lenard, at a gallery yet to be determined. She was a contemporary of Weaver, who was also producing art in Allentown during that era.

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  1. It is true that most artists do not make a substantial living from their art. Most artists do not understand or believe in marketing. Without successful marketing their work is most often not appreciated until after they can no longer benefit.