Sep 21, 2018

The Morning Calling

It's getting more and more difficult to justify a Morning Call subscription.  How many times can they write with a straight face that Reilly's new tower tenant is a gain for the valley, when they know full well that the tenant is just being poached from elsewhere else in the valley. .
“When you can retain a Fortune 500 company and facilitate the expansion of a business like this, it’s a huge benefit to the Valley and to Allentown.” 
Reilly's gain is always not just another local developer's loss, but a loss to the taxpayer's as well.  Those state taxes being given to Reilly's debt service are being made up by us.

I don't follow or read the sports section,  I hope that coverage is better.  Meanwhile, Bill White keeps using the opinion platform to write endlessly about the dunking clown, someone should tell him that the fair has left town.

I suppose we should be grateful that we still even have a paper.  Reilly now owns the Morning Call building,  and the operating media company, Tronc,  is entertaining several offers for a new publisher.  When it comes to the majority minority population, everyone walks on eggshells.  The paper wrote today that the man shot outside Dorney Park was supposedly harassing motorists.  Police were called to the scene for that very reason by several people.  A woman previously verified that the man hung on her moving car and smashed out the side window.


  1. Mike, 69NEWS is a far better place to seek out local coverage than the paper. The MC only frustrates and disappoints.

  2. Similar BS on the Hearst (Rodale) story in Easton. They quote Mayor Panto as attributing the publisher's moving to Easton to the walking trails. Really? Where to, into the confluence of the two rivers? Fact is, Hearst saw a way to keep the old Rodale people in the valley and paying them Lehigh Valley money, not New York City money...even while having them just an hour or so from mid-town Manhattan. Lucky for them Transbridge and Lanta built that bus depot across the street from the old bowling alley.
    Lost, too, in the story is any mention of the history of the Hearst company, including its role in starting the Spanish-American War. Imagine if they had been slaveholders!!!!!

  3. I guess we’ll have to see what happens with all that “hiring” ADP discusses.


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