Aug 30, 2018

South Whitehall Answers NAACP

The local NAACP announced a travel advisory for people of color in regard to both South Whitehall and Dorney Park.  Although I understand that their mission is to combat racism,  I think that their advisory was unwarranted under the circumstances of the recent lethal encounter.

I understand that they're not going to issue a warning against taking drugs and menacing motorists, and then jumping on police cars and pounding windshields.

South Whitehall took the unusual step of issuing a counter statement,  denying that their police department engages in racial discrimination in enforcing the law.  I applaud the township for not being intimidated.


  1. Wow, NAACP. Whose 'brilliant' idea of a 'travel warning' was this the brainchild of, local board member Val Chambers, or what? In any case, a hearty and sincere Happy Fear Mongering to the entire organization!


  2. I don't think anything racist about south Whitehall police and believe they a re just as concerned with the incident that just happened as anyone else. I have no reason to fear my travels as i have lived in the Valley for many years. Happy travels everyone

  3. Build that wall.....over the Hudson River!

    1. Maybe we should build one around the trailer parks.........

  4. This "travel warning" is nothing new nationally and is all about shaking down Dorney Park for contributions (of cash, admission tickets, etc.) to the organization.

    As a season pass holder to Dorney Park, I can tell you the park is welcoming to all people, regardless of race or color.

    South Whitehall police are at the intersection of Hamilton Boulevard and Lincoln Avenue almost every weekend and on other high attendance days to direct traffic safely and quickly into the Dorney Park lot. Again, they do that for all vehicles, and without regard to the skin color of the vehicle occupants.

    I can only hope that Dorney Park doesn't fall for this blatant attempt at extortion.

    1. What does the park have to do with South Whitehall police.

  5. Funny how many people talk from their own white experiances with police. But many minorities are treat differently by south white hall police. Stop trying to make this about your own experiances to white wash the problem.

  6. Speedster @ 9:39 -

    The NAACP brought up both Dorney Park and the South Whitehall Police in their "travel advisory".

    You should try knowing the facts, or at least actually reading the original post, before commenting.

    It will make you look like less of an idiot.

  7. I think everyone is gonna be taking drugs and jumping on cars if this continue. Remember the L.A. riots. Luckily I don't think this is likely in the Lehigh valley. But ya never know. I think the NAACP is trying to keep the peace in an awful situation. Last thing we need is a gang war...

  8. If the NAACP is truly trying to "keep the peace", then I am definitely curious with respect to what the NAACP does when it is trying to intentionally outright agitate.

    Meanwhile, there are gangs out there looking to go to war with South Whitehall?


  9. Speedster@9:39
    I'm going to let you handle these folks.
    Michael, your second paragraph once says it all again!
    When will you speak about all the WHITE heroin deaths?
    KKK infiltration is REAL.
    Read it here and the WFMZ comments.
    Fragile white folk..TRIGGERED

  10. At one time the NAACP may have tried to "keep the peace". However in the last decade they have become a very racist organization that is disrupting the peace at every opportunity.

  11. "Fragile white folk TRIGGERED"??? ... More like hardcore, radical Progressive Liberal Democrat Party lunatics who sit on the local board of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People STILL simply can not handle the basic fact that the imperial Barrack Hussein Obama's Presidential reign abruptly ended because Monica Lewinsky's ex-boyfriend's crooked and corrupt wife apparently has absolutely no clue how the Electoral College system works. And so they must RESIST at each and every opportunity, to speak nothing of at all costs.

    I just wish all the speedsters out there in Protest 24/7 Land would only simply acknowledge that African-American unemployment figures are ALL-TIME LOW under the astute economic policies enacted by the current President of the United States, Donald J. Trump!

    What is the Gross National Product now, is it 3.8 or 4.2? The community organizing rock star Obama could never even break 2.0, even if the Lame Stream Media could never ever afford to discuss this all day long. I also would never ever expect the NAACP to even begin to acknowledge the simple fact that Donald Trump's approval numbers among African-Americans have done nothing but increase at a steady rate ever since the economy started roaring and the African-American unemployment numbers started setting new all-time records.

    It's so much easier to merely suggest that the KKK has infiltrated everything.

  12. "More like hardcore, radical Progressive Liberal Democrat Party lunatics who sit on the local board of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People."

    Get your facts straight. Tony Phillips (a former 22 year Allentown cop) ran for mayor in 2009 as a REPUBLICAN. I don't see how the hell these things always turn into a Trump/Obama BS argument.

    His run was embroiled in scandal which pretty much ruined his chances after his then ex-girlfriend posted a sex chat she had with him posing as a married woman. Then in 2017 he wound up in court accused of beating his new ex-girlfriend in 2016.

    Face it Tony has no room to say a damn thing about how cops should behave when he himself has a whole set of issues. He ain't no "radical Progressive Liberal". That's for damn sure!

  13. It is my preference to NOT comment on my posts, and not respond just because I disagree with a readers comment. while the posts themselves represent my views, only the few comments I write myself represent me. that said, i would like to respond to the last two comments.

    this post has nothing to do with barack obama or donald trump

    tony phillips' run for mayor and any private life incidents has nothing to do with this post

    i disagree with the NAACP's reaction to the south whitehall incident because IMO this was not a racially targeted victim, but rather someone menacing the public, which came to a unfortunate end.

  14. i disagree with the NAACP's reaction to the south whitehall incident

    So do I. The wife has had season passes to Dorney for the last three years and has had nothing but positive experiences taking our grandkids to the park. This was uncalled for.


  16. Iman@5:16, my issue with the local NAACP action in south whitehall is yes there is racial profiling sometimes in the USA, and yes, people of color have been wrongly shot, but neither applies IMO to this case. it may have well been a wrongful shooting, which the court will decide, but if so, i do not see it being racially motivated. you just want to excuse the victim's menacing behavior, as if he had no responsibility for his actions.


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