Aug 21, 2018

As Allentown Turns

Last Tuesday I started my As Allentown Turns posts... A weekly snippet of  events as seen through the eyes of a third generation local.  Although my grandfather brought his parents over,  it was my grandfather who decided to make Allentown the family home in 1893.

Air Products announced that they're returning their natural gas division to Trexlertown from a Reilly tower at the end of their five year lease next summer. Other office workers, whose employers were enticed by Reilly's subsidized rents, have told me that they preferred their previous suburban locations.

A gentleman was arrested in Allentown over the weekend for firing a gun out of his car window.  Turns out this formerly convicted felon wasn't legally allowed to own a gun. Furthermore, he was driving drunk with a suspended license.  I wouldn't be surprised if he also didn't work, but collected Social Security Disability.  That unfortunately is the profile of thousands of center city residents. If these comments and assumptions offend you,  please first pick up the litter he threw out his car window before you get mad at me.

Concerning yesterday's post on Marty Nothstein...  Allentown Republican Scott Armstrong had some interesting observations.  He wished that Nothstein had gotten in front of the story.  He expects the Morning Call headline to appear on Susan Wild's mailers.

Elsewhere, The King George Inn just over the border in South Whitehall, is deteriorating in spite of being that Township's first (and only) building under their historic designation.  The township commissioners have refused to add the historic Wehr's Dam to the list, even though their voters thought that they were saving it by referendum.   New commissioner Mark Pinsley, who wants to be a state senator,  doesn't even assert himself on township issues.  He did however join the protestors against his township's policeman involved in the recent shooting outside Dorney Park.


  1. I agree fully with Scott Armstrong. Sunlight is the best disinfectant. As one of the characters in the movie Moonstruck says, "My advice is to tell the truth. They're gonna find out anyway."

  2. Robert,

    Nice try at spin. That said, I believe what I wrote was clear enough. Marty knew a smear was coming, did not properly preempt it. All Republicans should expect similar smears because that's how the Democrats operate. I also made the point that Democrats don't care about truth, they are happy to perpetuate and believe even obvious lies if it will help their side win. Of course it is also worth noting the media is always on their side/D side to help them along with this casual approach to the truth.

    It is frankly disgusting, yet Democrats embrace it.

  3. I'm waiting for the expose on Susan Pawlawski Wild.


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