May 15, 2018

Pawlowski's Political Legacy In Allentown

Recently Robert Trotner, a local political activist, asked me...Do you think Pawlowski and his sympathizers still wield much in the way of direct power in Allentown? If so, how much?...

A considerable amount of power still resides with his former associates, because during  his tenure over three plus terms, (since 2006) he made so many appointments and filled so many positions. However, I never favored the clean broom approach, because the city would lose so much institutional knowledge. I think that over the last two years most employees have put as much distance as possible between themselves and the former mayor.  Furthermore, I question how many of these employees are his sympathizers. For the most part they are people who appreciate having a job, and hope to contribute some value from doing it well. Once he is sentenced this chapter in Allentown will really be over.

Today is primary election day.  Readers may notice that I have not beat the drum for or against any  candidate in the primary.  I urge readers who feel properly informed to vote.  Being properly informed , now a days, is a research challenge in itself.  It certainly doesn't come from campaign mailers or even in the local blogosphere,  such as with Bernie O'Hare's machinations.

above 1962 postcard showing the new Allentown City Hall

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Fire the incompetants said...

The Pawlowski tentacles run deep in city government, the workforce and committee appointments. It will be years until the Pawlowski stench is eradicated! Even though I do support a good cleaning of the house, I am for a soft sanitizing effort. Institutional knowledge is important, however, continued support for the fallen one and a benefactor of his good graces are not needed.

If the MC report on the budget [2019-2022] is accurate, the Pawlwoski pyramid scandal is about to break causing the the taxpayers more money. The very non-transparent Pawlowski scams strikes again, while the NIZ developers and friends of Pawlowski proliferate.

This is the true legacy of Ed Pawlowski, and his cohorts must pay for their collusive efforts in covering his dirty deeds in which they collectively covered for him.