Feb 23, 2018

Pawlowski A Trained Liar

I didn't attend the mayor's testimony, but I can hear his lies.  I can hear the little insincere laugh that he injects to punuate his fibs. I can hear him saying that he had no idea about all the the corruption occurring on his behalf, behind his innocent back.

I can imagine the hours that he was coached by McMahon for this performance.  Although he needed McMahon's coaching for the specific legal defense,  he already had the lying down to a science.  In 2005 I attended 31 campaign performances by his liarship; He is good at it.  Credit McMahon for knowing a natural born liar when he meets one.  It was for this reason that McMahon was so anxious to get Pawlowski on the stand.  It was for this reason that one reporter even described Pawlowski's testimony as jovial.  He actually enjoys lying.

Early Thursday morning Pawlowski posted the link shown above that he was horrified by play to pay claims to his facebook page.  Next week we'll probably learn if the jury believes him.


Fire the incompetants said...

MM, great post. He is a natural born liar and "lying is part of his DNA".

From my view, [as a former campaign advisor in 2005], this con-man blatantly told me "he can lie during a campaign because it is a campaign". This immediately turned me off and I walked away. Thirteen years later, he is still the mayor and still lying.

This is a man who really doesn't want to be mayor, [proof by his political aspirations of becoming Governor and Senator], but knows a relative easy mark in the citizens of Allentown. Hopefully, after cross examination by the prosecution, the jury will see that this man is a liar, built an illegal scheme, insulated himself and traded honest government services for political donations. As a child, my parents always told me that lying is no good and it will come back to bite you. In the instant case, I hope his lies put him in jail, broke and emotionally destroyed.

Huck Weaver said...

With all this cash circulating around Pawloski's campaign how did He funnel money to Fleck and His co-conspirators

Scott Armstrong said...


As you write, Ed was always a liar, but in Allentown he found a perfect audience for his prevarications. A mixture of the gullible, the partisans, and connivers. Clearly they make up a significant percentage of the city's population.

JoshLCowen said...

Why would all those other guys plead guilty to guilty to crimes if there was no 'recipient' of their 'contributions.? How can they be guilty and the mayor not?

Scott Armstrong said...


Let's hope the jury asks exactly these questions.

TRENT HALL said...

Being the "recipient" of contributions is not a crime. It only rises to an actionable level if pursuant to an explicit quid pro quo from the Mayor himself. The reason the subordinates & others plead guilty was to spare themselves the cost of trial, and to secure a "get out of jail" card in return for their testimony. Those with deep pockets are always advised by experienced counsel to hold off in pleading until you actually hear more about the quality of the evidence....in this case what the government actually had on tape. What they had apparently turns out to quite underwhelming as far as any recording of Pawlowski himself actually confirming a quid pro quo. This is probably why the Government sat on the case so long and politically ambitious former prosecutors bailed out of the job.

Furthermore, some of those who have plead apparently only actually spoke with Fleck and others...not with Pawlowski himself. Thus, their testimony really is only probative as to the desire of Fleck, et. al to to run a pay for play scheme. But, Fleck, et. al. is not on trial...only Pawlowski & Allinson are. In short, if Pawlowski walks.....those who plead were chumps, just cannon folder for the prosecutors to show someone got convicted.

It will be interesting to see how defense counsel counters the apparent lies about peripheral matters that Pawlowski told the FBI and what the tapes have him saying about them. They don't concern the bribery counts per se but jurors may feel it was more than him simply being rattled because he was being grilled by the FBI, and thus feel inclined to convict him on at least those charges. Then again, a few jurors might feel, that after over 4 weeks of this, if that is all the government really proved, then it was a colossal waste of scarce judicial resources and hence let's punish the government accordingly. So far, this is no slam dunk case in the government's favor......they really have to step up to the plate in cross examination and rebuttal witness testimony or they may really blown it. Some jurors may also resent if the government doesn't call back the heavy hitters against Pawlowski.....they may interpret that as meaning the informants are too complicit, independent of Pawloski, to be representative of anything other than too much dirty hands.

Kim Beitler said...

Not only did Pawlowski's award contracts to campaign contributors he also made sure campaign donors weren't justly cited for city violations. ie- housing. One city manager was made to "resign" for not ethically following Pawlowski's special rules. Some individuals had enough strength to hold up against the mayor's abuse. Those who don't see the corruption, I'm afraid never will. I know a lot of good, decent, honest ex-city employees who lost their jobs because they didn't play the game. Pawlowski's surrounded himself with individuals to cover his behind and used them as puppets to do his bidding. His behaviour is sickening, unethical and illegal. I hope he pays through the nose for all he's done. He needs to spend time in jail. He needs to not get away with the things he's done. Others in the "business "of politics must take heed that this pay to play is no longer accepted or tolerated in this city or this state. This knd of behaviour stinks and so do those who follow suit and accept his bullying and boorishness. He's a liar and that's just the truth.

Kim Beitler - didn't know how to send my name without specific user accounts.

Kkabubi60 said...

I agree and have and still am experiencing how he bully's boorish people. He does have special rules for certain people and campaign donors do not get cited for violations.. I have the proof of everything I've been dealing with from several years to the present. And these people feel and act like they are above the law. Just as the Mayor. They all have unethical and discriminatory behavior. They violate peoples right that are too weak to fight. I've been trying to get news reporters to put my story out there but it appears no one wants to touch it.. Why?? Its the truth and I have the proof of my abuse from him and his followers.

michael molovinsky said...

60@9:16, i allow for both pseudonyms and actual names here in the comment section. post your accusations under your name, or include your name to your next post under kkabob and your story will be out there. i assure you that the local media read this blog.