Feb 26, 2018

Grasping For The Peanut Gallery

When I was a boy the audience at the Howdy Doody Show, comprised of children, was called the Peanut Gallery.  Later that phrase became a metaphor for an unsophisticated group. Wikipedia states that A peanut gallery was, in the days of vaudeville, a nickname for the cheapest and ostensibly rowdiest seats in the theater, the occupants of which were often known to heckle the performers.  Although the defense for Mayor Ed Pawlowski has rested,  Ed keeps reaching out to the local social media groups. Even this past weekend he was putting up links to headlines by his defense attorney that professed his innocence. He is still trying to campaign to his sycophants and assorted sickos.

 I am conscious of the fact that I have written about this phenomena several times already, but I find it fascinating. It reminds me of the disgraced television pastors who suddenly find G-d again.  I believe that Ed may become such a preacher upon his release from prison.


Fire the incompetants said...

He's Allentown's answer to Jim Baker and Tammy Faye of the PTL club [Pass the Loot]. They both built an empire with contributions from their benefactors. But just like Baker and his ex-wife, their kingdom will have an ending.

The large amounts of payola going to Fleck and Company for insulation should have alerted the pious ones about the criminality afoot. But it didn't, and there is the complicity in this matter. Both of these scam artists, [Lisa and Edwin], were not victims of the unscrupulous Mr. Fleck and Sam R., they were willing participants in this "pay to play scheme" and their house of cards are unraveling. It is just to bad that she won't be going to jail with him!

Jamie Kelton said...

"I wasn't correctly telling the truth"

Nothing more needs to be said.

Jeffrey Anthony said...

One sicko sycophant is pitching the conspiracy theory that Jim Martin is behind all this. That's the most delusional one I've heard yet.

Anyone got a story to beat it?

doug_b said...

That previous statement is no longer operable.