Feb 2, 2018

Fly In Allentown's Soup

If I saw a shrink for my frustration about Allentown, I would have to be in therapy all day. If I took sedatives, I wouldn't be able to stand up, instead I run for office and blog. Pawlowski announced his plan to restore the city on Friday; continuously inspect every inanimate object in Allentown. This professional advise came from a former Philadelphia housing guru, of course a fly in the soup is that Philadelphia is the corruption and murder capital of the world. Allentown's Rental Inspection Law failed to upgrade the city; while you end up legitimizing slumlords with certificates of occupation, you cannot legislate pride of ownership. Many local conscientious owners sold out rather than submit to the bureaucracy, increasing the frequency of inspections will again backfire. Although Pawlowski (and Cunningham) campaigned about their grand plans and communication skills, neither even knew the Allentown School System was going to demand reassessment; It's time for the taxpayers and citizens to reassess who they elected.

reprinted from November of 2007

UPDATE FEBRUARY 2, 2018:  Apparently when it comes to corruption, Philadelphia didn't have anything over us after all.  During the course of the trial this week, it was reported that Pawlowski used some Allentown inspectors as his personal goon squad,  rewarding donors and penalizing those that didn't pony up.  A number of years ago several landlords complained on this blog that they were indeed mistreated by the inspection program.  In my limited exposure to inspectors they have been professional.  I'm sure the testimony this week is not pleasant for that department's personnel.  They will however continue doing their job,  and move beyond the stigma of the Pawlowski scandal.


Scott Armstrong said...


During the single five year cycle Rental Inspections operated has it was intended to hundreds of substandard and illegal units were discovered and corrected. That was ten years ago. Now imagine if Pawlowski hadn't corrupted the voter approved legislation for his own benefit. Rental conditions would be far better than they are presently, hundreds of illegal units and boarding houses would not exist. In other words, the downtown neighborhoods would be far better places now. The city would be a better place.

But Ed ruined so much in the city, this is just one tragic example.

Fire the incompetants said...

This is another arm of the monster Ed Pawlowski. He reminds me of a typical Nazi administrator, except he was not following orders, because he gave them. He has used numerous departments within the city for his own personal use and gain, AND INSPECTIONS was his personal police. He tried to use Public Works Craig Messinger, but got nowhere. He used Parks and Recreation to recreate his urban touch to our beautiful park systems.

Overall, he is the master designer and overlord to some beautiful development in the Hamilton Street area, however, the rest of the city has fallen into such disrepair and corruptness. This is the legacy of the King of Allentown, mayor for life, the corrupt Edwin Pawlowski.

Jamie Kelton said...

After reading about Pawlowski's trial, I'm convinced this guy is just another corrupt Chicago politician that carpetbagged his way to Allentown thanks to Afflerbach. This trial is one last legacy of another horrid Democratic mayor.

michael molovinsky said...

EdPawNotGuilty is a known troll and antagonist, who has victimized many people in many ways. his rapport with pawlowski speaks ill of pawlowski's character. all his comments, and any replies, will be deleted. please do not respond to him.