Feb 1, 2018

A Salty Tale In Allentown

The prediction of light snow early Tuesday morning proved to be correct.  By Wednesday morning the streets were white, however it wasn't snow, but salt.   For a city which just enacted a stormwater fee, largely because of salt runoff,  you would think that a more prudent use of salt would be in order.

Despite the federal mandate to clean stormwater running into the streams,  I have doubt that anything significant will be changed for many years.  Understand that the city was under federal mandate for over a decade to correct the leaking sanitary sewers which actually contaminate the Little Lehigh with feces during storms.  The city didn't do anything, and now the Lehigh County Authority has inherited that mandate.  Those who complained that the Stormwater Fee was actually a backdoor tax increase were correct.

photocredit:Rich Schultz/The Morning Call


Fire the incompetants said...

That is a typical Pawlowski move. Your right, the Stormwater fee is a tax increase; but the Prince of Allentown can tout a record of no tax increases.

Don said...

It seems crazy this year with all the salt. South Whitehall is salt crazy too.

Even the private Giant center is salt white. So much salt it was like driving on a gravel road.

I'm NOT a tree hugger. But I'm really glad I'm not a fresh water fish.