Jan 29, 2018

Pawlowski's Campaign Soliciting

Ed Pawlowski published the above post last Thursday, the fourth day of his federal trial for corruption. I don't know if he has unshakable faith in his defense attorney, or if he is plain nuts. But at any rate, this post is about a contributor to his senate campaign. A week or so before the FBI raid at city hall, Pawlowski phoned a Democrat I know and hit him up for a contribution to his senate campaign.  This fellow sent in his check shortly before the raid. I bumped into him a few days later, and when I asked him for his opinion about the raid, he told me about his contribution. Trial notes  indicate that Pawlowski knew what was coming down the pike, and was actually soliciting contributions at that time for his upcoming defense, not a senate race.  I think that such deception speaks of his character.

Although Pawlowski is sitting in court every day, all day,  his early morning facebook posts imply that he is still involved in running the city.  I suppose that they are directed at his current supporters who voted for him last November;  Truth isn't an important  point with them.

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Fire the incompetants said...

Pawlowski never really ran the city. That was the reason for the Managing Director position. Pawlowski was on a constant mission to raise money for his many political aspirations. It was all a ruse and Pawlowski was the puppet master. Fleck and Rushlewics, the "political consultants", were the heavies and cover men for Pawlowski. Francis X. Dougherty ran the government and bent the rules to support campaign donations, while his other cabinet appointments made life easier for him in the realm of campaign donations. However, all these factors could not withstand the constant scrutiny expensive public campaigns draw; and it all imploded by greed!

The ignorant and uninformed voters which formed Pawlowski's base did not care about these factors; nor did they contribute in any substance to his campaign. The trade unions, who owe him some sort of gratitude from the arena project, and some mis-placed and mind-bongling local political thinking by two councilmen, O'Connell and Hendricks, bolster Boss Hogg's political ego and the need to raise funds for his defense. However, when this collapses, who'll pickup the sticks for Mr. Ed!