Nov 7, 2017

The Last Hurrah

Sunday was the last hurrah for The Morning Call trying to shape the election;  the paper's circulation is much less on Monday and Tuesday.  Ed Pawlowski must have been very pleased with the article.  It said that he shepherded in the new downtown development. Although it happen on his watch, and Brown and Reilly let him to cut a few ribbons,  he was less than incidental.  Actually, he tried to use those backdrops as his ticket to ride out of town. with campaigns both for governor and senator.   The paper also said  "In October, he triumphantly opened the city’s long-shuttered Cedar Beach Pool for a one-weekend event, weeks after the rest of the city’s pools closed for the season."  There was no mention of the overcosts, or that he knew that the pool was leaking, but went ahead with the pre-election ploy anyway.

In addition to glossing over Pawlowski's indiscretions,  the article took a shot at Hyman, saying that he spent less than what was anticipated.  Anticipated by whom? Considering that Pawlowski and Hyman raised about the same amount of money, and presumedly will spend about the same, the statement about Hyman was pejorative.

 I suppose from a newspaper point of view, a sitting mayor on trial for corruption is about as juicy as it gets.  However,  for those of us who have a stake in Allentown's  future, let us hope that Hyman prevails.


Scott Armstrong said...

One rarely hears any positive comments on the paper.

Scott Armstrong said...

If Nat would have spent more they would have written,"rich guy tries to buy election"

Huck Weaver said...

'Vote Early and Vote Often'

Fire the incompetants said...

The rag Morning-Call, which I personally fired a year ago, is once again playing their partisanship politics for the election. [What else would you expect from a Tribune company]. However, I doubt if the minority community reads this bastion of misinformation and deceit. [Something everybody in Allentown should do]. But because they are the only media source in town producing an English language daily, people are psychologically misled. Just yesterday, his dishonor threw two more hail Mary's at the voters. Community Engagement 365 by the police department and a 5 million cash reserve in the 2018 budget to be invested. The police program has no meritorious fight against current crime and shows a beleaguered inexperienced police administration trying to save their jobs and a cash reserve that could have been used in the new storm-water fees attached to the budget. True to form, the MC did nothing to state these facts. This is in tacit agreement to get Pawlwoski reelected!

Scott Armstrong said...

One indeed has to question the motives of the Morning Call. What they choose to report and how they report it isn't just coincidence or happenstance. One might therefore conclude their underlying motive is to assist the Democratic Machine that controls city hall.

JoshLCowen said...

Fear not. None of Fed Ed's voters read a newspaper.That said, it really was a disgraceful piece of journalism. Such a shame that a really well-designed paper should be such a journalistic rag. Allentown's Pravda.

ironpigpen said...

I tried to point out the fact that superstar The Morning Call reporter Bill White, PA State Senator Pat Browne and NIZ Free Money Guru J.B. O'Reilly were all knocking back drinks together in the corner of the Bell Hall Pub this past summer. Mr. Molovinsky and Mr. Molovinsky ALONE, was the only person to acknowledge the obvious significance of what I witnessed. Everyone else was content to either come up and/or support an some outrageous storyline directly accusing me of both trying to stalk AND attempting to kill Mr. White.

Therefore, everyone else can be content if and/or when Mayor For Life Pawlowski, in no small part thanks to a series of very favorable articles that recently appeared in The Morning Call, celebrates another election victory later on this evening.

Allentown's Pravda is spot on target but, hey, exactly how many people are actually paying anything resembling any kind of meaningful attention here in the City of Allentown, anyway?

Besides, it's just so much easier to just beat the shit out of Donald Trump day after day after day and that really is all there is to it.