Nov 6, 2017

Parasites For Pawlowski

                                           artwork by Mark Beyer
Readers of this blog know that I don't have much respect for those who support Pawlowski.  I think that they are limited to low information people, and those who put their own self interest above that of the community.   They might want to consider that all this pay to play occurred when he was interested in running first for governor,  then for the senate.  Although Pawlowski is now claiming to care so much about Allentown,  he was doing his best to use the town as a stepping stone.

What bodes poorly for Allentown's future is that Pawlowski might just win the election.  The fact that segments of the population would consider using their vote in such a fashion helps explain the crime and violence.

This is a critical juncture for Allentown.  It's time for completely new leadership.  It is essential that people of character come out,  cross party lines,  and vote no to the corruption.  I support Nat Hyman because he has the qualities to restore Allentown's pride, and allow the new construction to become  truly a revitalization.

artwork by Mark Beyer 


Jeffrey Anthony said...

There is so much that is despicable among Allentown's would-be ruling class right now. Certainly a corrupt Mayor who may well be reelected by his pandering to the dependent class is appalling.

What is equally disgusting is the widespread insinuation that because Mr. Hyman has achieved a great deal of financial success, he must be somehow be tainted. It would seem only financial failures are acceptable to Allentown's dems.

Fingers crossed, of course, but we could be looking at some real embarrassment in the short term (and more in the long term, but this post isn't about the Potemkin Village that is the NIZ).

Fire the incompetants said...

Mr. MM, your statement is so true. I myself hate to admit I was on his campaign team in 2005. However, I saw him first hand lie and lie again to the voters. He didn't care, stating, " It's a campaign, I can tell them whatever I want". I disassociated myself quickly and ever since then I have watched him constantly lie and manipulate the voters and win reelection. Amazing how gullible the voters of Allentown are! Now that the blinders are off, his old base has finally migrated and are interested in good government again. Hopefully, and I mean hopefully, this will sway the election against the great deceiver. But now, he turns his sights to the uninformed and to the conclaves that only wants to benefit themselves, [these are people he refused to look at in 2005], for an election victory. For the good people left in Allentown, this is your last chance to right-the-ship. Fire him!

Jamie Kelton said...

I suppose the question really is, what will changing the captain of the ship actually accomplish in Allentown?

The city has a Republican candidate who is a Republican in name only, and even Mr Anthony has stated that he has serious issues with and was only accepted as the Republican nominee because no one else wanted to run. Then also, it's been said if people don't vote for the Republican candidate, it's the last chance for any kind of reform in Allentown, as the last dying breath of the party in the city hinges on the fortune of a candidate who really isn't a republican at all, but then I'm repeating myself.

The incumbent mayor has been charged with dozens of felony indictments, probably most of them because he needed money to run for higher office and also, in large part, because he comes from the corruption capital of the United States, Illinois, where it's rare to find a politician who isn't corrupt in some way or form.

Then there are the Democrats who don't like the mayor and didn't like that he won a majority of votes in the primary, so one runs as a write-in candidate and others tell voters not to vote straight-line tickets, as they have urged them to do for years on end. Most, I suppose, don't know how to vote in any other way but then that shows just what has happened to Allentown over the past 40 years since Joe Daddona formed the Democratic machine that runs the city and opened the floodgates to the welfare state for votes.

When the voters are faced with no good choices, the best choice is to choose none of the above in this election. Allentown will survive and life, as well as politics, will go on

Woman in The Know said...

Michael ,is it me or was that walk out of federal court house asking for total dismissal of all counts just a ploy for free name announcing at its worst. The voice of the voters that are Super Voters are feeling , Napoleon doesn't listen to them just money so why vote. We truly need a seriously knowledgeable persona in city management in city hall. And no you can not run a city like you do a corporation or a non profit, for there is an entirely different set of rules in running cities and getting funding etc , to truly serve the public.
2009 at a heart walk "the Official City Clown" not the mayor is approached " I know who you are under the clown white, with a degree in BullShit you would be worth 150 grand as a city manager"! Nichael I always wondered what a degree has to do with ones knowledge and capabilities to do any job.
Napoleon has proven this clown knows what SHE is talking about . Get out and vote all see you at the polls and write in Mickey Mouse he'd do a better job then Josephine!