Nov 15, 2017

It's Raining Candy Sprinkles In Allentown

If you picked up the Morning Call on an airplane seat in Atlanta,  and were never here,  you would think that Allentown is the jewel of the northeast.  After all,  its new district with a $Billion dollars worth of new buildings just won a  Global Award of Excellence.  However,  if you decided to detour your trip to a real paradise to instead visit Allentown, you would be in for a rude awakening.  Walking down Hamilton Street you would find virtually no stores,  much less anything upscale.  Your few fellow shoppers would resemble the urban poor in the most depressed cities.

The Lehigh Carbon Community College, now on Hamilton Street, will be moving into the Morning Call Building, which is now owned by J.B. Reilly, along with most of the new buildings in the NIZ.  I suppose the students can study journalism and intern with the paper.  However, like the paper, they will have to be very careful what they write about Reilly and the NIZ.  Maybe their professor would allow them to intern with a blogger?


Fire the incompetants said...

A real jewel alright. Walk two blocks off Hamilton Street and you enter Dodge City. And we don't have Matthew Dillon running the local constabulary. We have an indicted mayor, who pays no attention to the general lawlessness of the town, doesn't care about the run-down neighborhoods [except at election time] and views the NIZ and new development on Hamilton Street as his achievements.

The useless city council, who only cares about their self ego's {O'Connell's write-in candidacy which ushered in Boss Hogg for another 4-years], does not hold his highness responsible for the thugs, drugs, gangs and shootings.

Come to Allentown, a city with no limits! Especially if your a criminal. We'll give you all the basketballs and mini-footballs you need and we'll photograph you with our body-cams. In other words, a real jewel in urban living.

george schaller said...

In the gag or in some other local avertizmental news outlet the NIZ is being sold as the best economic development in the world. This clueless cognizant article must have took the hole crews collaboration to sell this sack o shit as a positive. We're there any media transplants from the sham wow in on this sales pitch?

WordsJunky said...

On this we agree.

ironpigpen said...
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JoshLCowen said...

Expect violent demonstrations at the new LCCC 'campus' (no, Ann Coulter is not speaking there) when the sainted millennials find out that there is only a Dunkin' Donuts across the street, not an equally sainted Starbucks.