Nov 14, 2017

An Invitation To Pawlowski

Students of this blog know that I supported Nat Hyman for mayor, and have been a long time critic of  Ed Pawlowski.  I have even been critical of those who supported him. I see no benefit of continuing to beat that drum.  I believe that you will see a shift in this blog that will appear more conciliatory.   He will certainly be submitted to enough public scrutiny when the trial begins in January.  I don't think that you will be reading much about that, if at all, on this page.  I don't operate as a reporter,  but rather a commentator on local politics and history.

That is not to say that I won't be critical of the administration in regard to policy.  I will always strive to improve the priorities,  especially in regard to the park system.  I'm inviting Mayor Pawlowski to take a tour with me of the WPA structures.


Fire the incompetants said...

The only tour I would give him is the federal prison system. This is man who has no weaknesses and the public parks are being served by a dedicated minion who would lay down her dress so he can cross a pool of water. MM, you disappoint me thinking that this man cares about Allentown's past, present and future. If you believe he has any inclination to be contrite and respectful of the past, I'll sell you a bridge in Brooklyn. This guy is a snake in the grass Chicago politician who can play up to any crowd and believe they live in urban utopia. Look at the current homicide and shooting rates, according to him, this is normal urban living!

michael molovinsky said...

fire@8:09, my objective is to get a little of the park budget spend on some WPA repairs, which hasn't occurred since 2005. If the mayor would do so only as a public relations stunt, that would suit me.

pathfinder said...

Please let me know if our cowardly Mayor agrees to walk with you through our park system and view our WPA structures. They have a personal tie to my family, so I would also like to join you.

TRENT HALL said...

The final seated jury & alternates will give a portent as to how the trial is likely to go.....disregard the initial jury pool.....that means nothing. The Prosecutors will seek to strike minority jurors, the Defense college educated whites. If the observation of the recently released Menendez juror that eight of the jurors are for acquittal proves accurate and thus the jury deadlocks this week, that bodes ill for the prosecution in the Major's case.

If the Mayor is smart, he will seek to present as favorable an image in the next couple months to the white west enders as he can. A PR heavy tour with his Park Commissioner (sans Molovinsky) and Morning Call photographer will cost him nothing and any commitments will be illusionary. But, with his outreach to the minority committee solid, he can afford to throw some sops to the park & tree huggers and maybe erode some ill will from the crowd that supported Hyman & the others. He is the Mayor, for better or worse, for most likely the next four years regardless of the outcome of his trial, and some do gooders & Republicans on the jury might just figure it pragmatic to work with him if he is willing to promote some of their wish list. Convicting him won't result in a new Mayor because the process will play out for years and if acquittal means he will throw some crumbs their way, they might figure "go along to get along" and accomplish something they want from the City Hall.