Oct 13, 2017

A Lehigh Parkway Vendetta

Over the years each summer people began to look forward to the wildflower garden,  which surrounded the Stone & Log House in Lehigh Parkway.  In the winter, occasionally someone would joke that the bearded man who lived there should dress like Santa Claus for Lights In The Parkway.

Needless to say, Michael Adams was shocked and upset when he was recently evicted from the house, where he lived for over 10 years.  He felt  assaulted again when the park department completely tore away the flower gardens that he cultivated for over a decade.

He'll be the first to tell you that for a long time he was a Pawlowski supporter.  He was surprised when he first got the eviction order referencing a large amount for unpaid rent.  He had a long standing agreement that in exchange for living there,  he would at his own expense both upgrade and maintain the property. Unfortunately for Michael, that arrangement was never written out.

Much like Pawlowski turning on his former supporter, the changes made to the house's outside by the park department are both startling and stark.


Fire the incompetants said...

That was the same type of lease agreement Lt. Gladfelter had in the 1970's & 80's with the city. Of course there was a home grown mayor in charge, Joe Dadonna, not a dirty slick carpetbagger from Chicago who has no use for the local people. Instead of currying to the locals, he now cow-tows to the transplanted Hispanic community and refugees from Syria. A true blue mayor who tried to escape from Allentown twice [Governor & Senator].

Bartee said...

The City shouldn't be in the provide housing market in the first place. The city used to make agreements with employees who would oversee the property and make improvements. I don't know how non-city employees got into the game. I feel sorry for Mr. Adams - but fault the City for continuing to use these properties, which are out of code for residents. Time to put an end to all of them.

michael molovinsky said...

Bartee@8:56, this post isn't about the policy of renting city owned houses, but rather a wounded politician, who is now lashing out against people who are not kissing his ring with enough enthusiasm.

Bessesdotter said...

I was present when city employees handed an itemized list of 'work to be completed' to Mr. Adams. (The list was above and beyond the original commitment.) I was present when many of the tasks were in progress and completed, the massive undertaking of beautifying the grounds with gardens and the maintaining of the property--which all were done at the expense of Mr. Adams who acted as contractor and laborer and provided the financial aspect too. I was present when Mr. Adams was threatened by city employees. I was present when his pleas to be heard were ignored.

My family owned several Pennsylvania 18th century stone and log homes and I am well aware of the cost and labor associated with these properties that need perpetual upkeep.

Another loss is the beauty of the grounds and the protection of the wildlife have lost their refuge. The Bald Eagles, hummingbirds, orioles, bluebirds, sapsuckers, red tail hawks and especially the red foxes--which Michael tracked and photographed--are all at risk now and displaced. As a native resident of Pennsylvania I am truly saddened by these events.

Lawrence Briody said...

The difference between the before and after pictures of the log and stone house in the parkway are stark .The mayor is the person who caused/ordered this vindictive demolition of a beautiful garden that surrounded the house on all sides.For this crime against nature he should be held accountable .Only a person totally bereft of a moral compass is capable of such a horrendous and senseless destruction of what was a park within the parkway.

pathfinder said...

Another example of Dictator Pawlowski's undermining of Allentown's Parks. Mike Adams put much effort and expense into making the house and surrounding lawn a thing of beauty. All gone now because of the carpet-bagger from Chicago being a vindictive ass.