Jun 7, 2017

We Are Still In

Lafayette College has joined and signed the We Are Still In agreement,  a reaction campaign against Trump not signing the Paris Accord.  The college's president said climate is not a partisan issue.  Bi-partisan and college hardly go together,  they're much more comfortable with bi-sexuals than Republicans. : )  Anywho, although it's wonderful for the college president to be pro-active about climate change,  I wonder how she is preparing the students for jobs in the real world.  Trump didn't sign because he doesn't believe in climate change, but because he's afraid that the accord may make United States less competitive in world markets.  By most standards we are already more advanced in pollution measures than most countries.

Institutional politics are the current public relations rage.  Amazon, which opened in the Lehigh Valley with horrendous working conditions in its warehouse, signed on to the agreement. We are a Sanctuary City and Starbucks pledged to hire immigrants. Years ago a coffee house charged a buck for a cup, and people talked politics. Now they charge $4.19,  and pour their politics down your throat.


Dave said...

How many of Al Gore's "Climate Credits" did we save by puling out of this "agreement" that was never ratified by the Senate?

Also, how much of their municipal budgets are Easton and Bethlehem prepared to contribute to this? Do the tuition payers of Lafayette college understand where their money is being sent to as well ?

Ray Nemeth Sr said...

Treaty's are to be voted on by the senate, this accord was not, we would have enforced the regulations that were almost impossible to achieve, while the rest of the world would not be accountable. It really was a step to global government, with the U.S.,as usual, being he main financial supporter. We will see if the other signers now want to pay up to keep it going. If everyone wants this, then lobby your senators to move forward with a real treaty. Don't hold your breath. As for Musk and other businesses, they love the government subsidies, that have kept them alive.

Jamie Kelton said...

Mr Musk should give up his government subsidies in protest to President Trump's action. Then we will know he's really serious.

JoshLCowen said...

Yes, I think the liberals at Lafayette College and liberal Sal Panto should itemize for their consituents just how much of their money will be going to this Paris accord compliance. I'm sure they would like to know how much of their money will be donated to China and India to lower their carbon footprints.

TRENT HALL said...

Just like his "saving jobs" was nonsense, the fake "SAUDI $100B" deal he announced, Trump is all BS. (the Saudi "deal" Kushner supposedly negotiated is actually a laundry list of weapon requests drawn up by the Obama Administration for Saudi consideration......they never responded, and still have not signed any contracts to purchase the weapons.....just told Trump they are willing to sign "letters of intent" to consider the proposals).

Likewise, the Trump announcement about "pulling out" of the Paris Accord is all BS for his rupe base. There is no pulling out per se, as all the goals are voluntary anyway...there are no mandatory goals. Some nations will strive to meet most of the goals and others will fare less. All pledge to do what and the best they can. No other nation has to make a spectacle of themselves to announce a "pull out." It was all a BS stunt...a typical Steve Bannon ploy to demonstrate to the rupes he is fighting a mystical "Global government."