Jun 8, 2017

Armstrong Suit Makes National News

A lawsuit started by Scott Armstrong and Steven Ramos made national news yesterday as the media picks up on the ghost teacher problem in Pennsylvania. As reported years ago on this blog, the head of the teacher's union who does not teach is paid by the Allentown School District. Armstrong, a former school board member, initially made this outrage public. Needless to say he became a target of the union, and was subsequently voted off the board. It says something about Allentown, that someone being recognized nationally for protecting the taxpayers, could not get re-elected to the board.

I believe that Armstrong's departure from the board didn't bode well for the district.  In a less than color blind search for a new superintendent, all finalists were of color.  The board and district seems hellbent on trying strategies which are proven failures from elsewhere.

I'll leave you with breaking tip, not yet known by the local main stream media.  The district is changing the payroll schedule, which will delay paychecks, and annoy everybody.

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