Jun 5, 2017

Trump And The Inarticulate Truth

A comment on a local blog stated that the terrorists in Britain had no connection to the countries on Trump's travel ban. Actually, in reality they did. The Manchester bomber had returned from trips to both Syria and Libya just before he set off the bomb at the concert. The erroneous comment appears on a local blog post admiring Britain's stiff upper lip, and taking Trump to task for his out of context remark about not being alarmed in London. I think that in this war we're better off erring on the side of caution. While we lament that Trump doesn't sound presidential, British PM Theresa May laments that they have been too politically correct about radical Islam.

Yesterday on facebook, I saw some locals talking about moving to France because Trump opted out of the Paris Accord. I though that they had already moved to Canada after the election in November. Meanwhile, while they blather about moving, Trump is trying to keep them safe here, in spite of themselves and their criticism of him.


Scott Armstrong said...


It is what it is,40% of the population will never give Trump, or frankly any Republican a chance or even basic respect. So let them move to France where the minorities have been ghettoized for generations and race relations are a powder keg that blows from time to time. Let them walk the streets of Paris and routinely see security forces that resemble a ubiquitous fully armed occupation force on every street corner and walking patrols. I can remember 30 years ago how shocked my brother in law was to see NYC cops with sidearms. Times have changed and not for the better. Trump represents the legitimate concerns of the other 40% of the population. These people have likely never been to France, but they are sure they don't want to be one of many murdered by the scores in a rock concert hall,run over by a truck on a boulevard after watching fireworks,see the editors of their favorite satire magazine murdered in mass, have their priest beheaded in front of them at mass, shot while enjoying a drink on restaurant terrace,...Nobody should want this, or pretend it isn't happening.

doug_b said...
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Jeffrey Anthony said...

A very concise yet rigorous summation of the situation in which the west currently finds itself.

Well written, sir.

ironpigpen said...

I surrender. I don't care how many British people get killed by Islamic terrorists. I don't care how many Americans get killed for whatever reason. All I REALLY know is that I am just sick and tired of being verbally assaulted by Progressive Liberal Democrats. It's simply not worth it anymore. I am prepared to concede that Global Warming is the greatest threat. I am prepared to concede that Barack Hussein Obama was the smartest and greatest President of the United States ever. I am prepared to concede whatever the Left wants. No joke.


JoshLCowen said...

Amazingly liberals always take the side of America's enemies.