Jun 2, 2017

Bernie The Movie

In a post yesterday, Bernie O'Hare kidded that they're making a movie about him.  A reader questioned who would play the part of Bernie?  There was a suggestion that George Clooney play the part.  I doubt that Clooney is available for a movie in Nazareth, but for the last couple of years I've seen countless comments on Bernie's blog about the Mediterranean Manslab.  Supposedly the Manslab has forgiven Bernie for any association with his prolonged incarnation, and might consider the part.  Of course, the woman Bernie calls CRaZy should be the female lead.  Hopefully, she can forgive him for putting the judgement he won against her on his blog sidebar for a year.  At the premiere, the former mayor could introduce the local celebrities, assuming he forgives Bernie.  Security could be handled by the former police chief, assuming he forgives Bernie.  Because Bernie's blog readers are mostly anonymous, he can invite them on the blog, instead of by mail.  Wonder if I'll be invited?

1 comment:

Dave said...

I was thinking either Roy Afflerbach or former Police Chief Roy Kuhn ?