Jun 28, 2017

The Ray O'Connell Do-Over

A week ago I posted how Ray O'Connell is apparently going to wage a write-in campaign for mayor.   Yesterday, Bill White used much the same material for his Morning Call column.  Both White and Bernie O'Hare think that O'Connell will be the spoiler guaranteeing Pawlowski's victory.  What gives that viewpoint more weight with me is that Scott Armstrong comes to the same conclusion.

However, I think that the outcome could be different.  Hyman will take all the Republican voters, although they are in the minority.  Pawlowski and O'Connell will divide the Democratic vote, perhaps allowing Hyman to still prevail.

Bill White asked O'Connell if he was indeed running as a write-in, and Ray replied,  "I have not made a decision yet."  Although, I'm unsure of the election outcome,  I do take O'Connell's answer as a yes.


Scott Armstrong said...


Bill is too nice. Both Ce-Ce and Ray are self absorbed idiots for even considering this. They are ignoring facts, reality, and lots of good advice not to do it. If Allentown ends up with more Ed Pawlowski it will be their fault alone!

Dave said...

The reason for this is that Hyman isn't the most attractive candidate in the world. I'm a conservative and he doesn't appeal to me at all. Given the two negatives, Ray O'Connell thinks he has a chance. I suppose we'll see if he actually has the good judgement not to do it.

Allentown had Daddona for four terms. Perhaps Ed will repeat that achievement after all.

michael molovinsky said...

dave@7:54, joe's terms were not consecutive. back in those days he would have never been nominated with pawlowski's negatives.

in my opinion ray has already decided that he is doing it. ce-ce gerlach made his soft announcement, and bill white's column will accelerate his formal declaration.

Luiz Garcia said...

2018 here we come!