Jun 12, 2017

The Comey Commotion

I don't normally follow such things, certainly not blow by blow.  My interest comes from the left's hope and prayer that these revelations undo Trump.  My initial impression is that Trump is as unfamiliar with government protocol as any outsider could be.  He apparently has no interest in behaving more like an insider.  This demeanor infuriates his opponents,  delights his base, and frustrates those bi-partisans like myself,  who are inclined to defend, but not support.

Comey appears to be a genuine star,  who could certainly have a political future, if he so chooses.  In the portion of his testimony that I saw, he embodied sincerity.

Trump and his lawyer claimed the testimony as a vindication for Trump.  It should be noted that no less of a legal authority than Alan Dershowitz has stated that Trump was well within his constitutional power even if he had directly ordered Comey to back off an investigation.  However,  I suspect the scrutiny over who said what, and its legality, will take years.

photocredit: Doug Mills/New York Times


Dave said...

I doubt that James Comey has a future in politics. On Friday we learned that Mr Comey is a very political animal who will play both sides of the fence against the middle. So why on earth should anyone believe anything this man says is the truth, one way or the other?

His credibility is absolute zero.

I also suppose the question that needed to be asked to Comey was to detail all of the times he leaked information to the press with respect to the Clinton E-mail investigation?

ironpigpen said...

As far as I am concerned, Trump completed his primary and most important mission this past November. Thus, I view _______ (please fill in the blank with your favorite derogatory description of the 45th President of the United States, i.e., "the orange turd", "the pussy grabber", etc.) as being completely expendable. The Ruling Political Class (both Democrat + Republican) surely got the clear message that was sent by We The American People this past fall in that, at the end of the day, ALL politicians are, indeed, every bit as expendable as Mr. Trump is.

Okay, next sky-is-falling crisis to freak out about, please.


Robert Trotner said...

Imo, the bottom line is that, as you say, he has "no intention of behaving like an insider." I wood say he's acting more like a bull in a china shop,upsetting everything just foe the sake of upsetting things - which I consider a very, very dangerous thing. Especially since he feels no obligation to educate himself on issues or to take advice from knowledgeable people of whatever beliefs.

Israel TV reported Sunday that the secret he disclosed to the Russians was that Israel had disvoveted that terrorists had the technology to smuggle bombs onto airplanes disguised as laptop batteries. That was not being an outsider; that was being, I'm sorry, an idiot.

ironpigpen said...

I should think that Israel TV would much rather have Donald Trump be President of the United States than his predecessor, that same idiotic guy who said that Israel needs to go back to pre-1967 borders.

But, hey, I could be wrong about what Israel TV would much rather have.


TRENT HALL said...

The WTF President did finally unnerve the Israelis though.....the real secret they didn't want disclosed was that they had hacked, via their agent placed in ISIS, the computer codes ISIS employed, and thus were reading their communications.....which, apparently, went into some detail about laptop bombs to be placed in civil aviation.
Now the bad guys know they have to change their computer codes communication. Trump simply wanted to brag to the Russians, the man child that he is.

I realize that it is virtually impossible for the bloggers on this site to get through the Fox/Breitbart/Limbaugh/Hannity/Trump BS haze that russian republicans surround themselves in, but, it isn't going to end well for Trump. Nor are Qusay & Uday Trump saying Democrats aren't even people going to gain them the Independents when it all goes to Hell. Three years from now Trump will tease the rupes with his "will he or won't he run again" act, the Republicans in Congress will pretend not to notice the Emperor has no clothes, and they will all applaud and lavish him with their "blessed" praise like at his Cabinet meeting yesterday, and be relieved that he declares such a bigly victory occurred that he can now retire, as no need for him to run for a second term; he has already made America great again.

ironpigpen said...

"Qusay & Uday Trump"? How inflammatory. How many more Republican baseball practices need to be shot up before Democrats & Lame Stream Media can finally be happy?