Jun 1, 2017

Shock Comedian Goes Too Far

Kathy Griffin has used shock as part of her act for over a decade. If it was simulating sex with Anderson Cooper,  or whatever. However, her severed Trump head photo shoot has cost her the New Year's Eve CNN date.  Actually, I was surprised that Cooper kept agreeing to that gig, as he evolved into a broadcast journalist.

Although CNN might now be even more anti-Trump than MSNBC,  Griffin's stunt was even too much for them.  You cannot be associated with something like that, and still purport to be a news outlet.  Griffin has sincerely apologized, after she realized the damage. Even people on the left, such as Chelsea Clinton, spoke out against severed head image. Perhaps, we have reached the low point in permitted desecration of the President.

On a more subtle note, writer Thomas Ricks suggested that General McMaster resign from his position as a security adviser,  rather than enable Trump with his good reputation.  After his article appeared in Politico,  Ricks has been making the rounds on commentary shows, repeating his recommendation for McMaster literally word for word on each show. Being anti-Trump has become a cottage industry in itself.


Dave said...

There is no need for Griffin to apologize if she truly believes what she did is right.

The actuality is that Griffin is what the Democratic party has become

Dave said...

Also, if we truly had a decent GOP leadership they would be running non stop ads linking her to the DNC and Hillary Clinton.

Scott Armstrong said...

The Sunday Shows? I was a regular when they provided insights but that was decades ago. There are better places to get that now and the shows have become just another part of the left's partisan parade.
KG thought everyone would love what she did, why shouldn't they? They have enjoyed and approved of everything else so far.

Jamie Kelton said...

The angry Democrats are demonstrating their fear of the Trump presidency with every hateful word they spew. They fear his success. Their venom is and will continue to work against them.

Kathy Griffin may now have been fired from a couple of gigs, but I’ll bet she’ll soon be hosting "Saturday Night Live."

doug_b said...

TDS = Trump Derangement Syndrome - all the leftists suffer from this condition.

Kathy Griffin is a vile, pig (gives pigs a bad name). But this is what the left is about - anger, crudeness.

The liberals have morphed into leftists, communists. When the election doesn't go their way, then it should be overturned, until they get their way.

From ZEROHEDGE: "Earlier today Hillary Clinton offered up what some have described as one of the most delusional interviews of all time at Recode's CodeCon conference, in which she blamed everything and everyone, including but certainly not limited to: FBI Director Comey, "1,000s of Russian agents", right-wing media outlets, Russia, sexism, WikiLeaks, Russia, a funding deficit at the DNC, the Supreme Court's decision in Citizens United, the New York Times (yes, the NYT) ...oh, and Russia, for her 2016 election loss. And while she certainly "takes responsibility" for every decision she made, Hillary desperately wants you to understand that's not why she lost...because, you know, Russia."


Jamie Kelton said...

I never could figure out what she means by "Taking Responsibly". She uses that phrase quite a bit but never seems to have any repercussions for all of this responsibility she's taken for her actions.

The Complex Triathlete said...

Yes, what Griffin did was unjustifiable and in no way something that anyone should, or could condone. That said, I find it curious that you think this could be the low point. I also find it curious that I have not heard you speak out when other celebrities have made similar statements. Specifically, Ted Nugent "joked" on multiple occasions about assassinating President Obama and just last year said Hilary Clinton should be hanged. I'm pretty sure that POTUS has no problem with what Nugent said about Obama and Clinton as he never condoned any of these statements (and if I remember correctly, the hanging statement was made at a Trump rally) and even recently hosted a dinner with Nugent at the White House! And let's not forget the birtherism nonsense Trump himself spewed about President Obama, which stated when his daughters were about the same age as Baron Trump is now.

I normally do not comment on blogs because I find it is generally not useful. I comment today because I find the selectivity of using this event to be something that needs to be called out. If in the past you had condoned Nugent and Trump I could accept your take on this as being about civil discussion. Instead it appears obvious that this is just more partisan hackery you are trying to disguise. Sad.

doug_b said...

The left just can't get over not winning. In all my years on this planet, I never heard a politician lament for losing an election - it's been 6 months - and she's still trying to explain why she lost. Obviously, she lost because the public realized she lies about everything.

List of Reasons Hillary gave for losing the election (a few jokes are in the list):

1) Russia
2) Jim Comey
3) Misogyny
4) Fake News
5) WikiLeaks
6) Scott Walker
7) Wisconsin
8) Voter Suppression
9) The DNC
10) The widespread perception that she would win
11) Supporters who didn’t vote
12) The Media
13) Mikey, the Life Cereal kid
14) Facebook
15) Citizens United
16) Plagues of Locusts
17) Anthony Weiner
18) The New York Times
19) Bill’s dog ate her election
20) Bernie Sanders
21) Her campaign staff
22) Racism
23) Critics who fear her
24) Weaponized information
24 1/2) None of the following:
a) Email servers
b) Failing to campaign in Wisconsin
c) Paid Wall Street Speeches
d) “Basket of Deplorables”
e) Hillary Clinton

michael molovinsky said...

complex@1:52, i suspect from your comment that you are a relatively new reader to this blog. i didn't support trump for president. i'm an independent and voted for johnson. my purpose was to help make a third choice more viable in the future, i had no delusions about johnson or him winning. as a reaction to the vitriol against trump, i started defending him, or more so his office. this blog is ten years old. you will find very little about obama on it, positive or negative. i have never seen the country so polarized.

ironpigpen said...

Remember when the Left freaked out over the rodeo clown who wore the Obama mask at the Missouri State Fair? The clown was promptly terminated, of course. I am inclined to think that the rodeo clown would have been jailed in very short order, if not sooner, had he held up a photo of Obama's severed head and I highly doubt I ride that train of thought all by my lonesome.

Once again, the obvious double standards strictly and ruthlessly enforced by both the Left and their very best friend, the Lame Stream Media, are on full display for We The American People to see most clear and vividly.

Partisan hackery? Ha ha. I think there is absolutely no question that "partisan hackery" is the extremely exclusive department of Kathy Griffin and her fanatically devoted Progressive Liberal Democrat defenders.

Scott Armstrong said...


I was a very vocal anti Trump crusader in the primaries. I hated him, I thought he was an oaf, he talked like a dope, and I pulled my hair out when otherwise intelligent friends of mine said he was their guy. I reluctantly voted for him in the general and enjoyed the election night cry-a-thon.
I expected the Democrats to act like adults with the understanding that all they had to do was act reasonable to draw a clear distinction between them and Mr Looney. They would mop the floor by following the old adage, if someone is making a fool of themselves stay out of the way. Well we all know what they did instead, they became even loonier !I now fear them far more than I do Trump! He seems sensible by comparison.

I still can't believe I'm writing this,that I am a real Trump supporter but the Democrats only have themselves to blame.

TRENT HALL said...

I guess Mr. MM never read the right wing "News" or watched Fox much or listened to talk radio. Yes, Kathy Giffin crossed the line of good taste.....but, for eight years the right was non stop with similar stuff......racist nicknames for Obama, endless mock lynchings of dummies with Obama's name on their chests, assertions about his birth place/parentage/schools attended, sex life, yadda yadda. From reading the comments on this blog, one would think the right was respectful and accepting of Obama's election. The Republicans in Congress weren't in subtle; categorical rejection of every proposal & nomination of Obama's, even to the extent of refusing a hearing for a Supreme Court nominee A YEAR away from the end of his term.

Last week the White House Director of Communications resigned. WOW! I never even knew there was one......you mean someone was DIRECTING this sh-t show! There was a conductor of this train wreck? The White House is now trying to find a replacement....I suggest virtually any of the regular bloggers above would be a covfefe fit....LOL!

michael molovinsky said...

trent@11:28, actually, i never watch fox or listened to talk radio. i recall an occasional imitation of obama, but nothing like alex baldwin on snl, or a separate spinoff show. i occasionally watched cnn, but since the election they have become more to the left than msnbc. gathering news now is a difficult job. one must go to numerous sites, and then hopefully piece together some information for themselves.

ironpigpen said...

"ANYBODY but crooked & corrupt Hillary Rodham Clinton" was, quite literally, my campaign slogan so I am satisfied with the results from this past November's election.

Perhaps if Hillary did not have to answer any embarrassing questions about Benghazi or email servers, then Trump would not be President of the United States today.

Perhaps if the Russians had not tricked CNN's Donna Brazile into giving Clinton the debate questions in advance, then Trump would not be President of the United States today.

Perhaps if Bernie Sanders had not been blatantly stabbed in the back by people in his very own Democrat Party, then Trump would not be President of the United States today.

Perhaps if the hoax known as "Global Warming" was not always said to be a greater threat than Global Islamic Terrorism, then Trump would not be President of the United States today.

Perhaps if the Left's very own policies and Barack Hussein Obama's very own handpicked successor were simply two things that enough of a majority to win an electoral college actually WANTED, then Trump would not be President of the United States today.

Wow. What a train wreck. And to think that the Lame Stream Media told me for months and months and months that Hillary had it in the bag, too.

michael molovinsky said...

contrary to labels recently given to this blog by others, I am bi-partisan. future comments as to why hillary lost have no relevance to this post and will not be hosted. she may still wonder why she lost, but i don't