Jun 14, 2017

Lehigh Valley Of Denial

I apparently have been cursed with giving a damn about Allentown.  As I have posted before,  I'm amazed about how consumed people are about Trump and Washington, and how indifferent they are about their own back yard. Even those supposedly involved in local issues seem eager to find some kool-aid.  People find reality too disturbing.  I suppose that's why a newspaper columnist can regularly write about grammar, with nobody wanting to hear about the local shenanigans,  like electing a mayor facing federal indictment.   I suppose it's like the funny pages,  people want distractions.

Even here in the political blogosphere people want a version of the truth, as opposed to the actual truth.  A popular blogger always has an agenda about who he is promoting or attacking. He can sprinkle in a few descriptions like honesty and integrity and keep selling it, not unlike new and improved shampoo at the supermarket.

I also have an agenda, but it's not to promote some politician or judge, who I hope comes to like me  and invites me to dinner.  I fight for our parks and our history.  Along the way if I offend some officials in the process,  so be it;  I don't mind eating by myself.

photocredit: K Mary Hess

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Jamie Kelton said...

You know Mr Molovinsky. With a Mayor facing indictments (or threat of them, that's yet to be determined) versus another Democrat who can be kindly described as a "Slum Landlord", the people of Allentown have very little choice this year in the mayoral election.