Mar 6, 2017

Signs Of The Time

As Allentown eagerly awaits the opening of the Cosmopolitan Restaurant and banquet facility on 6th Street, lets go back in time. Before the former Sal's Spaghetti House was demolished on that parcel, preservationists from Bucks County saved the historic sign. Had the couple been somewhat more familiar with Allentown's history, they may have realized that the sign was neither very historic or iconic.

Before Hamilton Street was bi-sected architecturally by the now gone canopy, the street was lined with large neon signs, many of which were much more elaborate than Sal's; That sign became historic by default. Interestingly, the Sal's sign for most of it's

business days, said Pat's. Pat's and the sign go back to the mid 1950's. In the late 70's, the business was taken over by Sal, and the P and T were simply changed to an S and L. But time goes on; Sal's family is now in the sauce business and have a most interesting website. Congratulations to Mayor Pawlowski and Myron Haydt for bringing the Cosmopolitan to 6th Street; May they have the success that both Pat's and Sal's enjoyed.

1963 Pat's advertisement courtesy of Larry P
Hamilton Steet watercolor by Karoline Schaub-Peeler

reprinted from July of 2010


Dave said...

I suppose it is because of Mark Mendleson letting the building go to rot and all of the Morning Call news articles about the City vs Mendleson and him not paying taxes is why Pat's became "famous" also. It was grouped with the Americus and Colonial that he turned into slum properties, and all of the news that was generated when Pawlowski tore all of them down except the Americus.

However no news was ever mentioned about the "other" restaurant on the south side of Zollingers on sixth that was just as good to eat in that was named the Spot lunch. One of my aunts worked at Zollingers and I would meet her for lunch there on Saturdays. Also, no one remembers Claudes Tobacco Shop that was in the basement of the now Mussleman Building. They were the only place in Allentown that sold Rolling Stone and Billboard magazine in the late 1960s/early 70s.

And of course no one wants to mention the pawn shop that was next to Sals. lol memories... thanks for the trip back in time...

michael molovinsky said...

dave@6:21, i remember all those places very well. I'm somewhat depressed about the current local political scene. so much talent running for mayor, yet pawlowski may well win again, because the democratic primary vote will be so split up. for therapy, i may dust off some historical posts such as this one.

doug_b said...

"Historically, what is now called regression toward the mean has also been called reversion to the mean and reversion to mediocrity."

It would seem, that first the Cosmopolitan, then the Hook, may now may revert back to a Spaghetti House?

Jamie Kelton said...

A spaghetti house would probably work better than the restaurants there before that were severely overpriced for the clientele that live in the area. Even when I was single and a yuppie, I wouldn't have paid those prices for something to eat. I'm a Pennsylvania girl and know how to be thrifty.