Feb 14, 2017

Trump Haters Take No Rest

Nordstroms is having a boom because they dropped Ivanka Trump's clothing line. In their hatred of Trump, women are flocking there to patronize the store. It's hard to think of anything less supportive of women, than rewarding a merchant, because they don't like a woman's father. In this time of issues, such as North Korea's aggressiveness, liberal women are still obsessed with the results of November's election.

Here in the local arena, blogger Bernie O'Hare wrote; Locally, an assortment if bigots and xenophobes at Molovinsky Tabernacle Choir has been trying its best to justify just about everything Trump does, even when he's dead wrong. That's pretty much what has been happening nationally, too. Bernie was supposedly giving Trump the benefit of the doubt, until he used the phrase so called judge, two weeks into the administration. To Bernie, Trump is now a so called President.

In truth, I am not a Trump supporter, but a defender of our democracy. The country knowingly elected an outspoken, political outsider.  Although, I understand the entertainment industry seizing upon his unpopularity, women and liberals should consider, whether if at this point, they're just being obstructionists. Furthermore,  whether if this obstructionism is marginalizing their own country.

photo: Although, liberals have been over regarding SNL as news for years, now even the press is treating it that way, with reports on Sunday morning.


  1. Mike,

    Bernie has joined the chorus of haters and name callers. Very disappointing. Funny thing is people like him think so highly of their own opinions, praise those who think alike, and impugn those who dare to hold a different opinion. Yes, how broad minded is their thinking, how noble are their actions.

  2. scott@8:06, i'm not ready to put bernie in that class, however, i thought that he was impatient with trump. although, bernie was offended that trump would call a judge, so called, and it was improper, trump deserves more than 15 days before being discounted, IMO

  3. O'Hare is a real piece of garbage who thinks he's suddenly been promoted to God and gets to sit in judgement of EVERYONE. I must admit that it is a pretty good trick for a guy who lost his license to practice law. Gee, I'd hate to have a clown like that call me a coward because I did not "sign" my name so, for His Almighty's "benefit" (read, invitation to write a new hit piece), here :


  4. rolf, i was going to delete your comment, but will allow it to stay, because of your signature. this post, although mentioning bernie's post, is not about bernie. any such future comments about bernie will be deleted.

    this post is about how trump is being treated by women, and the some segments of the press. i think it's inappropriate that ivanka has become a target. i think that it's outright silly that women are now patronizing nordstroms for political purpose.

  5. Mike, it's great to see diversity of opinion on your page and I think most of us are lighthearted enough to just laugh when the jabs are thrown. Your slogan "****INFORMED COMMENTARY" describes the people here very well.

  6. I believe most of this (political atmosphere) exists because of 24/7 cable news. Without a constant stream of catastrophes, injustices, and wack jobs for every fringe cause - there would be no material - no reason for them to exist - and the most important - no money from advertisers. Most of the news outlets aren't interested in telling the entire story - they just want to hit you with an emotional punch - get your attention - and stay tuned for the next "ain't it horrible event".

    An example is illegal immigration. What we see are clips of Hispanic's protesting - how they are hard working (aren't all of us?) however the media never says "these folks have broken the law, and they somehow think they're special". They're careful to craft this to make the government look 'mean', and Trump is the government. Never is explored the damage done to the US, nor why Mexico has never taken any responsibility for this mess.

    The media could do a lot to present the entire picture - but that would take more than a minute, and it would be boring.

    The protesters concern me. The organized left has recruited them as useful idiots. Most couldn't tell you an approximate date of Civil War or WWII - or who won. These protests are reminiscent of communist behavior in Latin American countries.

    If Trump could do one thing it would be to rid the schools and universities of the leftist teachers - and bring back the study of western civilization.

  7. "In this time of issues, such as North Korea's aggressiveness, liberal women are still obsessed with the results of November's election."

    Hmmm.....this seems like a deliberately offensive line written solely to stir the pot in the hopes of gaining a hysterical response from said "liberal women," which can then be used as evidence in the case against our collective sanity. Frankly, I'm surprised to see this tactic used by you, Mr. Molovinsky. Do you really think I only care about what's on sale at Nordstrom? It seems Trump himself, rather than "liberal women," is obsessed with the results of the November election - just read his tweets.

    At any rate, SNL has done some really brilliant political comedy. And, Trump's multiple reactions to it on Twitter only add fuel to the fire. His inability to remain silent on the matter is, in itself, quite funny. (And sad.) It's something that almost everyone is watching, so of course it's topical, and it's simply one good prism to analyze Trump's impact on our nation.

  8. momma@10:39, my post or any line within it, is not written to stir the pot and/or gain evidence. I'm simply expressing my reaction to current events. without my succinct style, I probably could express myself with less offense.

    trump certainly is flawed, and i do appreciate diversity of opinion

  9. Monkey Mama,

    Some of the media is beginning to realize all their best efforts to destroy Trump and separate him from his supporters is going nowhere. There was an excellent article to that effect yesterday on Politico. The good news for non-liberals is the left, the Democratic party, and the Trump Haters still don't get it. Trump supporters/middle America like his often blunt style and his pushing back on the clueless elites and the media. Sure the left thinks this is foolish, he should accept the insults with silence like normal Republicans, who allow themselves to become the punching bag of a usual suspects. Non liberals understand that dignity hasn't worked well for anyone except except the Left/people who seem to lack dignity.
    Understand, the more the left finds him"deplorable" the more middle America sees him as a champion. The more the left makes a spectacle of themselves the more eyes that are opened to their vicious, vindictive, ugly, and too often violent nature.
    The lathered up outrage isn't working well, it's just that the many on the left don't know it yet. Why. Because in their echo chamber, media bubble they remain very uninformed.

  10. Obstructionists? That's funny. That's the same word Fed Ed used to disparage you. That's the word used when you opposed the relocation of bus stops, when you opposed the NIZ, when you opposed the removal of Wehr's Dam. You and your choir have defended Trump every step of the way, even when he has been dead wrong, as he is on the travel ban. You allow the Trumpeters to use your blog to unleash their brand of hate and fear. Along the way, you yourself have been bashing women lately. They are obstructionists, too. You call him an outsider, when the reality is that he is a billionaire and the ultimate insider. The only reason he has not been fully embraced by the establishment is because of his narcissism. And yes, when he calls a judge a "so-called judge" for simply ruling against him, he becomes a so-called President. To get respect, you have to give it. He only gives respect to those who agree with him. He is actually unAmerican, and has used his office to embolden the worst instincts in all of us.

  11. I know that MM doesn't want conversations between people, but I want to use a post as an example of how the left continually behaves.

    A typical liberal response is to first call names such as hate and fear. This is exactly what the left does - the women's march on Washington - sounded like a lot of hate and fear. Whatever their platform was - they had no issue with Trump - if they were protesting about the current conditions for women, well then they were protesting Obama, cause he was president for eight years, while Trump hadn't done a thing.

    And the ad hominen labeling continues: an opposing point of view is not the choir - which in itself is derogatory , and don't forget to label Trump narcissistic, and the so-called POTUS. No, Trump is the POTUS - you are even wrong about that simple fact.

    Seems like a lot of anger, and empty statements that have no facts to back them up.

  12. If there's any hate it's against the hate coming from Trump himself who uses as a tool for his own purposes. It's may be acceptable for people like you or I to be curmudgeons. Not such an endearing quality for a president. Indeed curmudgeon is the best word that describes him.

    Did he not think by antagonizing the news media, congress, the judiciary, government agencies/workers, the pentagon, scientists, other nations and all those who don't think like him there wouldn't be pushback?

    To label every disagreement as "fake news" or coming from a point "hatred" is far too simplistic and dismissive. Not something a so-called leader should be doing. Nor his supporters who engage in promoting such fallacy.

    Ill repeat once again my prediction. He won't make it past the end of March before this administrations blows up. Not that I "hate" him or wish ill. It will come about as a result of his own undoing.

  13. bernie@11:19, your "different from mine" opinion is welcome here. however, i have no choir. those you refer to as "Trumpeters" also post on your blog, but usually anonymously. i have not been bashing women, but pointing out that their dislike of trump is being used in an increasingly indiscriminate fashion. I don't think that his daughter's fashion line is a fair target.

  14. And when they comment on my blog, anonymously or not, I take them to task on their hatred. You do not. You enable them. I believe your repeated posts about women speak for themselves. Also, you don't decide on fair targets, and last I checked, the animus is directed at Trump's use of the awesome power of the presidency to shill for his daughter's shoe line. I find that embarrassing. It's what I would expect from a so-called president.

  15. You do understand that since President Trump's inauguration, we see the results of eight years of "Hope and Change". We see women in pink pussy hats led by a jihadi-supporting Muslim in a hijab, and youths in black masks attacking Trump supporters with clubs, are precisely what they look like – ideologues and extremists.

    We see the Democratic Party of the Kennedys, of Hubert Humphrey, of Joe Lieberman, has been reduced by Obama to a radical mob. The Obama-Holder-Lynch Justice Department has been on the front lines of the left’s campaign to vilify law enforcement and to promote radical anti-police organizations such as Black Lives Matter and Al Sharpton’s National Action Network.

    President Trump was elected by America’s salt of the earth heartland and common sense working class. That’s who we’re supposed to think are Hitlerites.

    The hysteria against Trump arises from precisely those groups targeted, agitated and trained by none other than our previous President, Obama, Agitator-in-Chief.

  16. In addition, Obama transformed The Democrats into a massive disaster. In the past eight years, the Democrats have lost 1000 plus seats nationwide and now with President Trump in power, voter fraud will be put to an end.

    This means that Democrats will NOT be able to get elected again into the presidency for some time. Therefore Obama transformed the Democrats, or destroyed them?

    i mean look at their leadership...Pelosi who thinks Bush is still president, Waters, her number 2 just had breaking news - she was hit by Russian hackers and her conversations were all revealing, showing her stupidity. Can someone with a security clearance be allowed to be this stupid?, I mean listen to her...

    This broke yesterday...Utterly pathetic and bordering on treason. http://www.whatfinger.com/sing..

  17. bernie@12:59, talk about enabling, you have served up numerous local people for anonymous slaughter for a decade. i prefer to write a post expressing my opinion, and not comment at all. occasionally, i do feel compelled to response, but it's not style. above your comment box you state that you love to argue, i do not. trump will be criticized and defended by many other writers, way above our paygrade.

  18. I guess what I don't understand is why you're so concerned about "liberal women," instead of scrutinizing Trump's shenanigans.

    Let's review the current security situation
    1. Trump's National Security Advisor had talks with a Russian diplomat and then lied about it.
    2. We're supposed to believe Flynn wasn't acting at Trump's request on this matter.
    3. Trump is still using his unsecure Android, and aids used their phone flashlights (phone which can be hacked, by anyone in the world) to illuminate top secret documents that were reviewed in the open, at a restaurant with other patrons nearby.
    4. The Trump-Putin connection has not been properly researched.

    I just don't get it.

  19. momma@2:29, i have women facebook friends who previous to this election, never expressed a political view. now, they seemed obsessed with their dislike of trump. i suppose at the very least you have to credit trump with awakening them politically. as someone who has been active in politics for decades, i find this phenomena more interesting. i do not disagree that trump is very flawed as a president.

  20. Hey Democrats,

    Pointing out and writing about how lathered up loony tunes the left is is not a defense of Trump it's a critic of you. One more thing, spare us your selective indignation over any lies or abuses coming out of the current administration.Your record of silence for the last eight years make clear any criticism now is nothing more than partisan.

  21. A sh-t show for governance, but, Trump has made SNL great again!

  22. SNL, that the only branch of government you have left. A little laughing circle. Funny.

  23. I'm not one for name-calling...usually. But the "so-called judge" didn't really bother me for I know how us (I mean them) New Yorkers tawk. Frankly, I might have more sympathy for the liberals who are screaming about that crack if not for the fact that there hero Bill Clinton literally LIED in the face of a sainted Federal Judge and the Dems weren't bother one wit. So using the dismissive 'so-called judge' can't upset me much.

  24. And a thought about Ivanka and Nordstrom, et al: Since when do retailers make formal announcements that they are no longer carrying a particular line of goods? I have never seen that in my life. In fact, just to opposite is true. Soon after Martha Stewart, a favorite of the liberal establishment was released from jail, the retailers were falling all over themselves to announce they were carrying her line of goods. That, to me, says it's all about politics and not sales dollars.

  25. I doubt the CEO's of the major retail chains are politically conscious.....if anything, they are probably country club Republicans...the types that shell out the huge bucks to join the Club ($200K initiation fee)& golf with Trump at Mar-Lar-Go. They are almost as despised by Bannon as the liberals & immigrants he hates.

    What they don't want however, is hordes of organized women boycotting their stores. It is not the senior or blue collar white male Trump voter who patronizes the upscale retailers that carried Ivanka's brand (all her goods manufactured abroad).....it is upper middle & rich women.

    I haven't read much about Ivanka and admit I know virtually nothing about her, because I am a policy junkie and not into personal matters...don't much care who people sleep with or who they are related to, and don't even know why they are boycotting her brand. And I suspect the retail CEO's don't care either why.....they just know a significant portion, apparently, of their customer base is boycotting them over her brand and so they are reacting accordingly.

    If she was a big profit item for them their PR people would have mounted a campaign "championing free speech & a diversity of our product lines & honoring our commitment to our vendors" yadda yadda bullcrap. Instead, they have dropped her like a stone. Sounds more like a business decision, and one that reduces unwanted attention.

  26. Your point about not doing business with a woman because one doesn't like her father really resonated with me, Mike. It was an excellent insight. What could possibly be more medievally sexist in the very truest sense of that word?

    Isn't it remarkable how quickly, like the Bolsheviks, "American" leftists are becoming the Orwellian opposite of all the things they've always claimed to be?