Feb 13, 2017

Molovinsky's Insulting Blog

In the course of covering the Lehigh Valley's current and historical events,  I offend numerous people. Often these people are our leading developers.  A young man on facebook recently speculated that I am jealous of their accomplishments.  In truth, I admire their business proficiency. However,  I lack the diplomatic and writing skills that would be necessary to present my observations without offense.  My yardstick for this blog is what's best for the overall community.  In that regard, I may find a developer's project counterproductive.  Likewise, I don't refrain from discussing different ethnic communities and their relationship to the greater community.  I'm old enough, and independent enough,  to speak my mind.  Although, I have some sensitivity in regard to people,  I afford no such courtesy to cities, bureaucracies, committees and institutions.

If this blog seems repetitive at times, or that I'm harping on something which doesn't interest many people, it's because I find the subject historically important, or politically compelling.  Understand, that this blog is not monetized in any way. How many people read it is of no consequence to me. Even my comment policy goes against common strategies for increasing readership.

For the record, I would like it be known that I take no pleasure when my posts offend.  Likewise, let me say that although I won't compromise for it, I do value your readership.


Steven Ramos said...

Hear! Hear!

Whethervain said...

Although I enjoy this blog tremendously, I also "lack the writing skills that would be necessary to present my observations..." and so I seldom comment.

But as for your temperament, opinions, observations, outlook - and your grumpy countenance/demeanor, all I can say - was said by Frank Sinatra here!

Since it no longer matters what restroom facility we use these days, please overlook the gender referenced in this melody.

TRENT HALL said...

Actually, that is Mr. MM SMILING! He hasn't posted any pictures of himself appearing "grumpy." WINNING!

His demeanor is too joyful...must be all the happy pills.

His independent, non monetized, financially untangled posture is to be admired, especially since The Morning Call seems to avoid getting ahead of any story hinting at conflicts of interest.

Jeffrey Anthony said...

That last sentence was exceptionally well put, Mike.