Feb 21, 2017

Trump and Mental Illness

No,  this post isn't about Trump being mentally ill, it's about him making women nuts.  If it seems as if I'm dwelling on Trump and women's reaction to him, it's because of their obsession, not mine.  I'm a student of politics, and this visceral reaction to him by women is unprecedented.

I know a woman who has a large presence on facebook.  In all the years of being facebook friends, she has always avoided politics.  Currently, she can't stop posting about Trump.  Furthermore, her comments are becoming more and more vulgar, which is also out of character for her.  I can only conclude that Trump has made millions of women mentality ill.

Recently,  I heard of a psychiatrist who is also very upset about Trump. Who will be left to treat these people with this new condition?


Robert Trotner said...

If women are upset about Trump, it may be that we've never had a President even approaching his openly misogynistic and dismissive attutude women as human beings. Your other point may be well taken, though.

I think Trump's alternative facts, fake news, reinvent the wheel approach will get old in the coming months and year and eventually Trump will be fighting the perception of a failed presidency.

Dave said...

Trump Derangement Syndrome: It's more terrifying than cancer. Cancer is bad. Trump is worse it seems to these deranged people.

Imagine if Clinton had won and Trump supporters demanded a recount, tried to shame electors into rejecting Clinton and went so far as to threaten to murder electors who voted for her.

Trump wasn't my first choice in the primaries. But I find it more than a little ironic that the people who have brought me closer to the President are Democrats with TDS, who I find more annoying than Donald Trump -- and much more deranged.

Scott Armstrong said...

Remember how many women ran to Bill Clinton's defense. That surprised me at the time. If you are old enough to remember only a couple months before Monica Oregon senator Bob Packwood was crucified by the press and women's groups because he tried to kiss the woman on his staff. During that period that kind of behavior was inexcusable.There was general agreement on that and he left office in disgrace. When Linda Tripp revealed what what was going on in the West Wing, all of the sudden it was no big deal, even though it, as with Packwood, took place in the office between a male boss and female staffer. Both the media and woman's groups changed their tune immediately, it was no big deal, everyone does it,it's his private life, and the best "oral sex isn't sex".
Why the change of heart? Packwood was a powerful Republican senator and Bill Clinton was a Democratic president. Nina Burleigh a reporter with a major publication even stated publicly she would give Bill a blow job to keep abortion legal.All of the sudden woman's groups found sex in the workplace empowering rather than harassment.
History informs us on exactly what is happening now. The left chooses when to be outraged and it isn't the act that upsets them it's who does it. Trump acting like Trump was never a problem until he became a problem for liberal America. Then they just needed something anything. The sex tape, really no big deal these days in light of our "modern" debased culture was the worst they could dig up.
Funny how our friends on the left can't see how their blind partisanship leads to their inconsistencies,double standards, and hypocrisy.There are no principles involved.The rest of America gets it, and that's one of the many reasons Trump is president.

Bernie O'Hare said...

The Molovinsky Tabernacle Choir, all-male, once again defends the indefensible. I recall prior to the election that Armstrong had nothing nice to say about the Donald. But as a partisan, he defends his misogyny. MM, your focus on what should bother women is itself troubling and has involved some of your own insensitive remarks. When you have a man holding the highest office who once bragged about grabbing women by the pussy and who actually implied that he could accost women without their consent, is it any wonder that some women are offended? When he makes snide remarks about Megyn Kelly's menstrual cycle, do you expect women to embrace him? When he talks about how he rates women, does it really surprise you that some women detest him?

ironpigpen said...
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michael molovinsky said...

bernie@8:37, armstrong points out a double standard for bill clinton and donald trump. although clinton was too political to have ever bragged about his conquests, his record speaks for itself. putting an intern his daughters age under his desk was not commendable. women loved clinton, repeatedly forgave him, even blaming his victims.

i don't think that you're in a position to judge my sensitivity toward women

rolf@8:53, although you may have issues with bernie, please refrain from using this blog for that purpose.

Jamie Kelton said...

Mr Molovinski. I've been reading your blog, but not commenting on it because the campaign is over and President Trump is now working to make our nation a better place to live.

I really do take issue though with a comment today about his treatment of women. Mr O'Hare, ALL men are misogynists to one extent or another. however, you wouldn't realize it because you're a man. And it doesn't go by political party. Hillary Clinton discusted me using her marriage to Bill, a far worse misogynist than Donald Trump is. My God, getting a blowjob in the Oval Office and then "standing by her man" because of the power of the Presidency she would lose? That's obscene. And She was the one that put the email server in her basement.. NO one else. What a fucking dumb bitch she is. I'm surprised you can defend her.

I can tell you what she would have done if she had been elected. Starting with putting her friends like the lesbian Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills, who is more interested in power than the betterment of our nation. Hillary's main goal would remain the same as it has throughout her adult life: to enrich herself and her family through her use of political power.

Thankfully, we now have a president who wants to give power, freedom, and money back to the people instead of continue to expand the power of the massive government. President Trump certainly has his hands full with an antagonistic media to overcome – a group who obviously want the government to get bigger and have been willing to look the other way no matter what Obama and Hillary said or did.

If the media acted the same for President Trump as they did for Obama, Trump should also get credit for the drought ending in California, despite having nothing to do with it. After all, the media and Obama himself gave Obama credit for ending the recession in 2009, just 130 days after he took office, so it would seem only fair.

Sparticus said...

Trump Derangement Syndrome should make its way into the medical journals in no time. I have never seen such a mass spectacle in my entire life. And I am not talking about the bought and paid for rent-a-mobs. I am talking about legitimate people and business owners who have destroyed their careers their lives and their families by a variety of criminal activities.

The feinged outrage of Trump's comments about women correlate to the mass popularity of 50 shades of grey, a 2015 $570 million box office hit. There is no outrage, just far left ideologues who cling to beauty pageant banter 10 and 20 years ago.

Much of the feinged outrage boils down to sheer jealousy of Trump, his billion dollar empire and the trophy women he is always surrounded by. The far left fringe groups cannot deal with the prospect that their illegal voting base will vanish, and that many of the government bloodsuckers will have a real ability to work and earn their own way.

Of course it is obvious who really lets Trump get under their skin...those who fail at every single thing in life.....

Monkey Momma said...

"I can only conclude that Trump has made millions of women mentality ill."

If that is the only conclusion that you can possibly draw from a few of your "friends'" Facebook posts, then I must sadly conclude that your insights are lacking.

I find this, and other, posts of yours to be very much out of character for you, Mr. Molovinsky. They're not factual, and they're not reasonable. You have a population of, what, maybe 5 female liberal friends on Facebook? However big or small the number, I am not sure why you would extrapolate that sample size to the rest of the entire female population. This would be like my saying that all conservative men condone pedophilia.

As my kids might say, "that's cray-cray."

michael molovinsky said...

momma@2:08, what caused a million women to demonstrate one day after the inauguration?

Sparticus said...

Monkey Momma,

I can assure you that the anti-trump sentiment on facebook is not unique to MM. I have also seen this happenning on my facebook feed, where several women have absolutely just lost it in their hatred of Trump. Men too.

The vitrol and total lack of respect for the Office of the President has infected facebook like a pandemic virus. In fact, it got so bad, that I had to slim down my facebook friend list due to the never ending bashing and obsessive/ unhinged posts I have seen. In some instances, I saw direct death threats.

I was very unhappy with Barack Obama, but absolutely never engaged in anything remotely close to this. That is because I respect elections, and the will of the people, even if I voted differently.

It is a sad day in America when the losers pretend to be winners because they have the ability to scream louder than their counterparts. Temper tantrums belong in kindergarten playgrounds. When they enter the world of politics, the cause is diminished because it alienates all of the moderates in the ranks.

Fact is the DEM party is on life support, and repeating the exact same behavior that cost them the House, Senate, the Whitehouse, and many Governor's.

Sparticus said...

MM the million woman march in washington the day after the inauguration was a small sampling of the women in this country. The prancing around in vagina costumes and pink hats are a great example of a cause without a cause. They were some of the most vulgar misfits in the USA. They were comprised of seriously ugly feminazi's whose pussy's have NEVER been grabbed, and who have no worries in that department.

IMHO they should have spent their time taking a bath, looking less butch, and hitting the gym. They are angry because Trump loves beautiful women, and has said so on many occasions. They were marching because even a blind, deaf man wouldn't hit that.

michael molovinsky said...

sparticus, i fully understand women being offended by trump, and upset that he is the president. my slightly sarcastic post wasn't meant to imply that trump isn't a male chauvinist in the worst ways. your first comment of 3:01 was reasonable, however, i cannot say the same for the second one at 3:10.

Sparticus said...

MM...your right, your blog. People keep missing the point though. Trump is POTUS today because his message hit home with the people who have been disenfranchised, unemployed and hurt by the open border /population replacement/ work visas abuse and the addiction of American companies to have and endless flow of cheap, illegal labor. No one really cared about the Trump chauvanism, because the choice was Trump vs. a self enriching criminal who had no message at all.

TRENT HALL said...

WOW! Where to begin? First, TDS is an offshoot of ODS & HDS, but with a crucial difference......ODS/HDS was based primarily on lies & absurd conspiracy theories (i.e., Obama "Birther;" Clinton "Murders" BS)that Trump either embraced or promoted.

TDS is based primarily on Trump's own written & spoken words! No conjecture involved; his manifestly ill-temperament for the Presidency is on full view. His Cabinet officers have to essentially spend their time reassuring our allies, domestic business leaders & the public that what Trump says means nothing!

The idea that a cabinet of billionaires actually responsible for all the "disenfranchised, unemployed and hurt by the open border /population replacement/ work visas abuse and the addiction of American companies to have and endless flow of cheap, illegal labor" is going to aid the average lower/middle class worker in America is delusional.

Jamie is correct in that all men, especially rich & powerful men, be they celebrities or politicians, think with the tip of their p-k, but the real issue is where they stand in relation to issues that especially concern activist women. Clinton got a pass from progressive women because his stand on labor laws/minimum wage/voting rights/healthcare/women's right to choose/yadda yadda comports with their views on same. Trump gets pilloried because he flipped from progressive on these points to capture the GOP nomination and has embraced the theocratic/Neanderthal back to the 1950's viewpoints of those who believe the earth is flat and that Jesus rode to Jerusalem on the back of a dinosaur speaking English. However, those views won him white women/men evangelical votes because their distaste for & belief that Trump's policies will give nothing to blacks/brown/immigrants is more important to them than Trump's personal failings.

Sparticus said...


I just saw a news report of a tomato farmer in the USA crying to the choir that he needs illegals to pick tomatoes , because he cannot find a single American who will pick tomatoes for $150 per day. Do you see how crazy this sounds? That is $18.75/hr for totally unskilled work. I'll say it again...$18.75....one more time....$18.75. Let that sink in when you preach that work visas are not abused.

ironpigpen said...
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Dave said...

Of course, lets not forget yesterday's “Not My President’s Day”

Now if we would have had that reaction in 2009, it would immediately be branded "Racist" by the Media. Today, the headline of the Associated Press was: “Thousands of Demonstrators Across U.S. Say ‘Not My President.’

Scott Armstrong said...


Thanks for reminding everyone how arrogant, ugly and insulting the left is these days.

Sparticus said...

Here is poster child mental illness in its greatest form ever

The website, www.hillarybeattrump.org, provides readers with fake stories from an alternative universe where Hillary Clinton was successful in her bid for the White House.

Scott Armstrong said...

Just like West Wing.We survived the stress of the last eight years without a similar outlet but let them find comfort by indulging a fantasy. Maybe it will be a stress reliever.

TRENT HALL said...

Sparticus......agricultural workers, like wait staff at restaurants, are specifically excluded from having to receive state/federal minimum wages. They are paid bupkes. That, and the nature of the work, is why no Americans will perform the work. If any farmer (and I doubt the story; sounds like one of Limbaugh's/Hannity's fake news)is paying $150.00 per worker per day, then he is paying that to the BIG BUSINESS AG labor combines that recruit the undocumented workers to work on BIG AG farms; the laborer who is working in the field is receiving virtually nothing. And if any farmer is paying anything near that for labor crews than it just shows you how profitable BIG AG must be if it can afford to pay that.

TRENT HALL said...

Just Googled this:
How much do farm workers earn?
Based on the most recent National Agricultural Workers Survey (NAWS)– a report published by the U.S. Department of Labor– farm workers work 42 hours per week and earn $7.25 per hour on average, but this “average” varies greatly. For example, workers who have worked for the same employer for multiple years earn more than other workers. Those who have been with an employer for a year or less earn an average of $6.76 per hour, and those who have been with the same employer for at least 6 years earn an average of $8.05 per hour.
Annually, the average income of crop workers is between $10,000 to $12,499 for individuals and $15,000 to $17,499 for a family. To give you an idea, the federal poverty line is $10,830 for an individual or $22,050 for a family of four (in 2009).
Thus, according to NAWS, 30% of all farm workers had total family incomes below the poverty line.

The Piece Rate: Payment Based on Productivity
Most farm workers are paid based how many buckets or bags they pick of whatever crop they harvest—this is known as the “piece rate.” Payment in this format has some drawbacks.
First of all, if workers are being paid by how much they pick, this acts as a disincentive to take breaks for water or shade, as taking breaks would cut into their productivity and thus cut into their pay.
Additionally, it’s possible for a farm worker being paid by piece rate to make less than the minimum wage. For instance, the piece rate for orange juice in Florida is 85 cents per 90-pound box of oranges. Average productivity for a worker is 8 boxes per hour, which means that during an 8-hour workday, a worker will produce 64 boxes of oranges (or 5,760 pounds of oranges!). According to the 85 cents piece rate, a worker would receive only $6.80.

med belhamel said...

The left appears to be exhibiting mental illness over President Trump because they likely already had mental illness. Trump's election is like a Rorschach test. Those who want to project their inner issues onto Trump will do so. While others who voted for Trump will find him refreshing. People need to get into therapy and work out their own issues. However, don't blame Trump for your issues. Blame yourselves. We have presidential elections every 4 years, and each time, there is a winner and a loser. All of you losers on the left need to get over it and move on. If you don't like President Trump, then start preparing for the next presidential election. I'm tired of hearing all of the whining and watching all of the unnecessary violence. Yes, get some therapy before you get arrested.

LVCI said...

med belhamel said... "The left appears to be exhibiting mental illness over President Trump because they likely already had mental illness.. All of you losers on the left need to get over it and move on... Yes, get some therapy before you get arrested."

Really MM is this the direction you want to take for your blog?