Jan 18, 2017

The Hillary Women and Elephants

Now, I can accept that many women found Trump's persona unacceptable.  I can also understand that many women, and men, supported Hillary.  While protesting the inauguration might provide some cathartic relief,  and it  certainly is a boom to the busing industry,  what the exercise really accomplishes remains a mystery.

The protests remind me of the controversy over performing elephants.  I think that if those Ringling Brother elephants could talk, they would have told the women to butt out.  Their cousins in India and Asia have to carry logs all day. Worse yet, their relatives in Africa are slain by the thousands for their ivory.

During the campaign I met Hillary workers from New York, who were concerned about their granddaughter's future health choices under a Trump presidency.  I suspect that their granddaughters will have the same health options as now, but because of grandma,  they will no longer be able to enjoy the circus.*

* Ringling Brothers is ending the circus after 100 years.  The show could not survive without the elephants.


Ray Nemeth Sr said...

Maybe the circus would have had more support from the liberals if their main attraction would had been donkeys.

Jeffrey Anthony said...

Several good points, Mike.

Interestingly, among those so very concerned about the daily life of elephants in the circus are very few who could possibly care less about the murder of scores of babies every hour -- in fact, most of that ilk rabidly support it.

Logic seems not to be leftists' strong suit.

alfonso todd said...

I guess many people say the same thing about the boycotts, demonstrations, and protests of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. WHat people fail to realize is that protests aren't supposed to DO anything but draw attention to the issue, problem, or injustice. No more, no less. Unsure why people believe that the massive gathering of like-minded folks accomplishes nothing when in fact, just the organized massive gathering of like-minded folks is an awesome feat within itself.

Alfonso Todd

Monkey Momma said...

Making a profit off of animal torture is something we have, thankfully, started to reject as a society. Just look at Seaworld stock. Yes, other more horrible things happen to elephants. But, making animals miserable is criminal, no matter what the context. I'd like to say humans have evolved past animal abuse, but then again...humans elected Trump.

As the mom of a pretty sick kid, I'm not even sure I'll have grandchildren if the benefits of the ACA are rescinded. It is not an exaggeration to say that my sick child may not have a future at all without Obamacare. With a pretty major "pre-existing condition," she may not be able to get insurance in the future....and if that happens...her very survival is at risk. It's hard for me to say that without sounding melodramatic, but that is the god damned truth. I can't join the protest, since duty calls at home, but I can definitely appreciate the value of dissent. What Trump represents is hideous, and I applaud any effort to protest his presidency. It is never futile to express concern about one's country, and we have many things to be concerned about here in the United States.

If I do have grandchildren, I won't want to take them to "entertainment" that cashes in on the captivity and torture of animals. If The Greatest Show on Earth can't survive without cruelty, so be it.

TRENT HALL said...

Hey Doug, maybe rational people (I exclude Christian zealots leading the anti-birth control & anti-abortion factions) would be more receptive to your viewpoint if your cohorts shared the same zeal for post birth support. However, we all know who opposes safety net support programs like food stamps, assistance to the poor, child labor laws, minimum wage for working mothers, sex education in schools, etc., etc. Your advocacy for, in effect, children having children & women having to turn back to coat hanger abortions and dying from undiagnosed & untreated breast & ovarian cancer because of defunding for Planned Parenthood speaks poorly of your "logical" reasoning skills.

As for the elephants, I guess by your "reasoning," we should rescind, as well, all the laws against dog & cock & bull fighting that all states have passed.