Jan 19, 2017

Pawlowski's Second String Minorities

The Morning Call announced that Ed Pawlowski has made his try for a fourth term official. As I pointed out previously on this blog, he has been courting minority church congregations since his incrimination with the FBI investigation. His friend and probable supporter Alan Jennings, thinks that because of the Trump era discontent with status quo government, that he might have a chance. Actually, by that yardstick, he's toast. He represents the worst of government as usual. What Pawlowski is going after is the Marion Barry vote. That previous mayor of Washington was re-elected, even after being convicted on drug charges. The idea is that minorities are more sympathetic to trouble with the man. Pawlowski's strategy might work. The Democratic primary will divide up a relatively small number of votes among numerous candidates.

In 2005, when Pawlowski was unencumbered by corruption allegations,  he promised the established minority community leaders more presence in city hall. He delivered on that promise. I can only imagine who and what he is promising now.

The title of this post is based on my observation that Pawlowski is not only courting minority votes, but those smaller congregations and business people, who previously did not warrant his attention.


Jamie Kelton said...

Pawlowski is focusing on those who have been his most ardent supporters. If he loses his main base of voter support, he'll lose the primary election. These people really don't keep up with the news anyway.

As Allentown grows with more and more immigrants getting government checks, Ed is insuring that Allentown stays in the hands of the Democratic Party for the foreseeable future.

I expect Ed to win the Democratic Primary this spring, which is the de-facto general election.

Jeffrey Anthony said...

Allentown's official Facebook page is "Allentown: City Without Limits." It's pretty well done, and it's good to have an official electronic forum for the Allentown community.

The problem is that if anyone asks any question, no matter how legitimate and politely stated, about the Mayor's campaign finance filings (or, in the case of some contributors, the lack thereof), "Chicago Eddy" Pawlowski immediately bars the individual from posting. Given that "Allentown: City Without Limits" is administered by city employees, this is unquestionably a First Amendment issue.

Anyone else encounter this?

TRENT HALL said...

MM....where is the news in your post? Politicians courting their base? After the primary, he will undoubtedly make some gestures to the more centrist, and white, older, Christian in particular, electorate. Some of those will, by that time, be disappointed by Tommey's & Trump's dismal record, and either not vote at all, which is a desired outcome for him, or, even a few may vote for him, in which case it's a cherry on top.

You still can't beat somebody with a nobody, and since the Dems don't have a strong bench of likely candidates for the job, from his POV, why shouldn't he run?

Dave said...

@3:56 Democrats better hope they can defeat Pawlowski in the primary, because if Ed wins and there are no indictments issued against him the Dems are screwed. One of the Dems will have to run an independent candidate to challenge Ed in a 3-way general election.

As there are really no Republicans left in the city limits, Ed will easily win a 4th term, unless Mike wants to run again :)

Chris Casey said...

With 6 and possibly seven candidates for mayor, when I supercrunch the numbers, Ed only needs 28 % to win. And he may get it

Julian Kern said...

Yes Jeffrey Anthony I have experience the same thing but that is because Pawlowski is the admin of the page. Pawlowski is sure trying to suck up to the residents he never cared about before. The sad thing is it might actually work.

Jeffrey Anthony said...

I think, in the fine tradition of Marion Barry, you're probably right, Julian.