Jan 10, 2017

The Daughters of Zion

On Monday morning, the entire media, including conservative outlets, were abuzz with Meryl Streep's speech bashing Trump.  Being a certified bastard,  I wasn't impressed that a top grade actress could deliver an emotional speech. However, what did amaze me was that although Streep's photo was everywhere,  the murdered Israeli cadets in Jerusalem had either moved to the bottom of the page, or even off of it.

Three of the four murdered soldiers were young women.  The Palestinian reaction was to hand out sweets, and take pride in the attack.  While Obama helped legitimize the attack through the UN vote and Kerry's speech,  Trump has declared that he will move the embassy to Jerusalem.   If he does that,  it would be a memorial to those murdered girls.


Qaz said...

Having studied the recent history of Israel (last hundred years) I am not suprised at all.

TRENT HALL said...

And an invitation for every Muslim (20% of the native population within the Green Line)to launch more attacks, murdering more young people, in Jerusalem and elsewhere.....including in the US. And just paints a target on American tourist everywhere.

It's an unnecessary provocation that accomplishes nothing, as not another single nation will follow suit. Just more Trump bullcrap. What Trump should be doing is pushing Netanyahu to reach an accord, to stop expanding settlements & empowering the Orthodox Taliban in Israel. When East Jerusalem is declared the capital of Palestine, and all of Jerusalem the capital of Israel, pursuant to a Treaty between the parties, then all nations will move their embassy to Jerusalem.

JoshLCowen said...

MM is right on.

ironpigpen said...

Murdering four Israeli soldiers, three of whom were women, is an unnecessary provocation.