Dec 6, 2016

Why Trump Won and Clinton Lost

Some Democrats are saying that Clinton lost the election by a total of 110,000 votes in three key swing states.  I don't know if that is indeed a fact,  because facts are hard to come by in the current news and media world.  Considering that one of those key states was Pennsylvania, and that Lehigh County is an important factor in the state,  the election process appears to have been fair.  A recount in Lehigh discovered only three absentee ballots which should have gone to Hillary.  A local Democratic activist, although physically present at the Lehigh County recount, continues to paste the election fraud posts on his facebook page.  Jill Stein dropped the recount in Pennsylvania because it was only proving the fairness of the election.  However, she and the Democrats are now filing  claims in federal court, to continue casting doubts on Trump's legitimacy as president.

Every possible accusation of racism and bigotry was used against Trump.  He is supposedly in league with anti-gays,  against women in multiple ways, anti-Semitic and anti everything else.  He didn't win because half the country dances in hate, he won because, as James Carville famously once said, it's the economy, stupid.

I heard a 10 year old girl call Trump a bad man the other day.  I don't find it positive that millions of children growing up with despondent Democratic parents would think that the next president of the United States is a bad man.  I don't find it constructive that their parents are allowing them to harbor such an opinion even before the inauguration.  The September issue of Time Magazine featured comedians and the extraordinary career that they were having with the soft orange target.  I suppose that they will continue mocking, but eventually their sponsors will realize that  they're alienating a significant portion of their market share.  CNN is now analyzing the election, to explain what happen.  Of course, self analysis would be more in order.

The bitterness of this election certainly eclipses anything in my memory.  Although, I didn't support Trump,  I now find this political acrimony more disturbing than anything any candidate said.  I must confess that when I discontinued anonymous comments my readership numbers suffered.  I have no doubt that I'm again losing readers, by criticizing their unwillingness to accept the results of our democracy.


Dave said...

I've never seen this level of vitriol about anyone elected to high political office in my life. The root cause of this are the unrelenting media attacks and smears on President-Elect Trump. The media is the source of the majority of information people receive. Look at the level of visceral hatred of Fox News Channel by the left. Even President Obama singled out FNC as his main opposition in the public arena. Quite simply, FNC refuses to carry his water and become lapdogs to Obama and his political philosophy as most other media outlets are.

It's not news though that most journalists have a leftist view and are more likely to support a Democratic President over a Republican, however for the past eight years, we have seen nothing more than an echo of what comes out of the White House press office and the Democrats as "news", which, when you hear enough and enough and enough, many people believe as the unvarnished truth. This can be viewed also as the "Big Lie", which is nothing new either. We've seen this during the Cold War by the Communists and previous to that by the Germany of the 1930s.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, embittered Communists didn't just fade away and admit that the West was right all along. No, over the past 25 years we've seen many of these embittered leftists go into the Environmental Movement and other parts of our society, including the western media. Just look at the reaction to the 2000 election, and without (or despite) the blip of unanimity we had after 9/11, nearly the entire G W Bush administration was derided by the media combined with a white hot hatred of Bush by the Democrats not accepting his legitimacy as President and the festival atmosphere in 2008 when Obama was elected (Time Magazine showed a drawing of Obama on its cover sitting in a 1930s car looking like FDR with a caption "We're All Socialists Now")...

We're seeing all this again in spades today, and it's not going to get better. Look at the election rhetoric by the Democrats, it was a 99% negative campaign against Trump. Yes, Trump went low as well, however in large part the Trump campaign was responding to the tactics of Hillary Clinton. After all, what else did she have to run on? The record of the Obama Administration? We saw a BILLION dollar ad campaign by the Democrats of a nearly pure negative campaign. Nothing like that was ever seen before in our history.. even in Nineteenth-Century (1800s) politics when I believe Grover Cleveland was accused of fathering a child out of marriage...

Also look at the Teacher Unions and the dumbing-down of the youth in our schools over the past 25-30 years. We have an educational system that teaches to the lowest common denominator of learning to insure that everyone passes, and grade inflation in order to have schools that meet the mark of No Child Left Behind and high school evaluations to use for inflated teacher contracts. Our public education system produces a generation of entitled youth that lack simple reasoning skills. They have been given a steady diet of leftist rhetoric by unionized teachers and have become the entitled generation of recipients of participation trophies so no one feels "Bad".. Feelings matter more than competition, we have no winners and losers.. Competition is no longer taught to children.. which leaves them woefully prepared for their life as adults.

I can go on and on... This is already too long :)

Scott Armstrong said...

Contrast this to what happened 8 years ago. We were deluged with media stories of a nationwide celebration of Obama's victory. The day after that election students walking home from Allen were chanting Obama, Obama, Hope and Change. Clearly this was the lesson that day and very likely many days before.His inauguration was going to be a joyous celebration, a new day, the oceans were going to fall and the nation would heal.Yes the left and the media were certainly on board the Obama train. When one voice, Rush Limbaugh said in response to a request for an op-ed on the subject, "I hope he fails" The media, and the Democrat were revolted and told us how un-American this type of statement was.
That was then, this is now. America gets it.

george schaller said...

Very good article, the little girls statment is the incubating the exact sort of discrimantion that these self obsorbed people are claiming to be fighting against? What kind of oximoron is this teaching the little one that will one day be running the USA.
Not a very good example for a child to be looking up to for guidence.

I know you have not been allowing my posts to post and maybe I am not a good example of fighting the good fight but I am still standing in the face of pure evil?

doug_b said...

The liberals have now become the 'left'. I'm very concerned that there are this many leftist's in our country. Their political beliefs are their religion, and they are fanatical about them.

A common tacit of the left is to label, then discredit the person, and shout them down. As they say: "the accusation is stronger than the truth."

What might be our downfall (not just the US) is that there is too much broadcasting (as opposed to real communication). All the news outlets vie for attention (selling ad's) by continually rehashing / giving opinions / speculation - on and on and on. This serves to stir to pot, but accomplishes nothing, except to get some people riled up.

michael molovinsky said...

the media is certainly perplexed about the outcome of this election, and will now analyze it, ad nauseam. speaking of which, i expect this to be my last post directly on this topic.

Jamie Kelton said...

Ir's been four weeks now since election day. Trump's approval rating is going up in the polls. People generally like the people he's chose so far for his cabinet. The dead-enders are always going to be upset. Ignore them and let them wallow in their swamp. They're always going to whine anyway.

george schaller said...

Thank you MM as if there is not allready enough reprehencible crimes against humanity as a whole because of this left and right stuff? I know I am not qwite right but I sure ain't left either, my guess is I am sorta in the middle of the road too!