Dec 5, 2016

Rumble In Our Democracy

I keep wanting to get back to local news, but the sore Democrats won't allow it.  They're still complaining about dog whistles and racism.  They're still calling Bannon a white supremacist.  So far, on their behalf, I've seen no real insight about their loss.  Newscasters on CNN speculate that Joe Biden might have beaten Trump.  Instead,  they should be examining how they lost any pretense of objectivity.  Torturing the Democrats even more, is the fact that they won the popular vote.    I see previously sensitive women, of Democratic persuasion, making catty comments about Kellyanne Conway's appearance.  I see lawyers complaining about the legality of the  electoral college.

A local dispenser of taxfunded grants is distressed because Trump used an Indiana state grant to help retain Carrier manufacturing jobs. He wants Obama to get credit for the 16 million jobs that a Washington Post headline said that he had created.  There's no details in the article, because if Obama had in fact created that many jobs,  Hillary would have won. Union members voted for Trump not because of racism, but because they know better than most, that making popcorn at the mall during Christmas season,  isn't manufacturing.  Although, I have often praised this local official on this blog for his accomplishments in Allentown, he requested that I refrain from commenting on his Facebook page. He hates Trump to his very core, and does not accept him as his president.  Another tax funded agency director praised his reply to me.  Never the less, I will continue complimenting his good work.  For me,  life goes on in Allentown, regardless of who is elected to the White House.

We see professors outlining courses on racism and electoral grief.  Others seek contributions for a recount in Florida, with only hours left allowing that recourse.  I have yet to read or hear a positive, forward thinking word from the Democrats.  As a certified bastard, I must once again confess my amusement.  My only concern is that my smirk might be taken as a smile.


Ray Nemeth Sr said...

The reality of the situation is the democrats have taken their party down a road with no exit, and too narrow to turn around, they have refused to view the real world as it is, not as they would like it to be. There will be new leadership and a new direction, but first I expect a low grade internal war, which will not start until Obama is gone, in fear of alienating the black vote. This party has been sliding off to the left for many years, now major changes will need to happen. They are still in denial that their strategy of fragmenting the country and then cobbling together a group of the fragments into a winning coalition has run its course. Trump will gain for republicans if he keeps preaching that the republicans are for all Americans and if the voters see positive results.

Scott Armstrong said...

The last thing the Democrats want to hear is the truth. Yet it is smacking them in the face. They were so smug in there self righteousness and so sure of their contempt for those who dare to think differently that they can't bear the thought that they lost to these lesser people of lower intellect. So they just prefer to block their eyes and ears.
Those of us who have dared to challenge common assumptions and go after sacred cows are bemused by how sensitive and offended they are. They can dish it out but they can't take it. They are dealing with less than one tenth what any non Democrat/liberal has learned to live with over the recent years. And they can't take it. Wimps!

Scott Armstrong said...


Uniting minorities of every sort against the "majority" bogeyman has been and remains their very public plan. It is despicable to divide to win but that is exactly their strategy. After 8 years of the president who was going to "bring everyone together" we are very deeply divided. That was the plan, they succeed. But in doing so, they destroyed a lot and as a result, lost the election. Those who have bought into "victimization" are now "scared" and yes, "in pain" over the loss. Perhaps the nation should declare a period of mourning for them out of respect. I can remember them doing so much for us when we lost.

Dave said...

What we have Mike is what are called sore losers. Every piece of bullshit that Hillary Clinton based her campaign on "United Together" and all the other krap is exactly the opposite of what they are now showing. I recall President Obama telling the Republicans who were offering their ideas during the Obamacare debate in 2009 to "shut up you lost".

Now, the shoe is on the other foot and the children are in full tantrum mode. Just look at how they react when Trump accepts a call from the President of Nationalist China. They act like Trump ignited World War III. Good grief... GROW UP

The funny thing is that in the Jill Stein-inspired recounts, Trump is picking up more popular votes.

Dave said...

One other thing. I would bet my bottom dollar that if all the illegal alien and dead voting Hillary Clinton votes in California were thrown out Trump would have won the popular vote by a substantial margin as well...

doug_b said...

The Democrats have fashioned a party of fringe minorities, and on the way, have created even more. Their hope is that they can use them to dominate the average, common sense citizen. An example of the comedy: Obama is telling us that one boy who thinks he's a girl, has more right to be in the girls shower, than all the 'real' girls. It has backfired badly.

I'm very embarrassed to say this, but Keith Ellison is my representative. I hope they put him in charge of the Democratic party - go Keith go - hammer that sucker down. Nancy Pelosi, who's 76, said on Meet the Depressed: "I don’t think people want a new direction." They will make a great team.

I think we should let Commiefonia go. They have $93,000 of pension liability, per citizen. Think of all the debt we could shed.

Monkey Momma said...

I have the greatest respect for you, MM, but your amusement and smirk makes this post very ironic to me, indeed.

While you berate Democrats for being "sore" losers, you seem to have adopted an attitude of a sore winner. While I agree with many of your post mortem points about the election, I find your lack of objectivity here interesting, especially considering your call for objectivity on the part of the left. Perhaps Trump's flagrant arrogance is contagious, but I was taught that winners should be gracious and humble. I know, it's old school. And this is, after all, a new world, with a new order of business.

As a small example of your recent irony, you complain about Democratic women making catty comments about Kellyanne Conway's appearance. How many catty remarks has Donald Trump made about women? Trump regularly ranks women on a solely physical attribute scale of 0-10 to determine their worth, yet you choose to point out an unnamed Democrat making shallow, catty remarks about one woman? That's odd to me, and quite ironic. (Please understand, I would never defend anyone using Conway's appearance to disparage her. And, although I don't doubt this has happened, it just isn't something I've personally seen on any news source, and I do watch/read a fair amount of news. So, it's not a widespread phenomenon.)

As a much broader example of your irony, Bannon stands firmly as the leader of the "alt right" movement, and is heartily endorsed by the KKK and the American Nazi Party. Why is this never mentioned by you in your defense of him as a non racist? I find your inability to see Breitbart's long standing platform of hate for what it is: racist. (Among many other obvious and horrible things.)

I will agree that Democrats and the media, as a whole, have much to learn. I actually agree with Bannon's statement that the media had "no f'in clue" about what was going on with voters this election. We need only look to little Allentown to see many of the national issues of the day played out in small theatre right here. I think Allentown's struggles are something you understand better than anyone else, and I think they're representative of the entire country. This is probably why you've got your finger on the pulse of the average American better than most, which quite a trick!

It is always interesting to see your analysis on such matters, so thank you for the continuing perspective. I do trust that my criticism and commentary here is received as intended: respectfully disagreeable in nature.

Jamie Kelton said...

Trump Derangement Syndrome is alive and well within the Democratic Party. Although to be fair, this is not the Democratic Party of the Kennedys and Hubert Humphrey any longer.

Also doug_b, the Democrats turning further Left will only alienate them to more of their supporters who don't live in New York or San Fransisco who will now flee to the Trump-Republican side. That will only accelerate as Trump's economic policies kick in and Prosperity returns. Democrats complaining won't amount to much when people get a raise in wages for the first time in 11 years.

The Democrats are the Fringe Party now - full of radicals, elitists from either coast, academia and the media. Middle America has abandoned them, and their turn even further left could make it permanent.

doug_b said...

We are not sore winners. We have a right to celebrate. We are celebrating a chance to end the insanity.

The insanity of: allowing unlimited illegal immigration, importing migrants and giving them assistance, while needy US citizens go without. We are told the value of education and supporting yourself, and yet immigrants may have little or no education . Our jobs are exported, and nothing is said. A healthcare plan that increases costs. Unemployment stats and inflation stats that are just plain lies. You can be whatever sex you declare yourself to be. Brain washing young adults with silly concepts such as Social Justice, White Privilege, Safe Spaces. A national debt of $20 trillion, that grows by $2 trillion annually.

As Trump said: “It doesn’t have to be like this.”

michael molovinsky said...

momma@11:22, your comment is appreciated, especially since you articulated your issues with my post.

I don't consider myself a winner in this election, but admittedly, I would be more uncomfortable had hillary won.

the cattiness came from facebook women, not the media. i concur that trump certainly is a sexist. apparently, many women felt that there were more important issues which concerned them.

i'm not a student or authority on bannon and breitbart. i have looked at the site a couple of times a week for the past several years. i considered it conservative, not white supremacist or alt-right. both bannon and breitbart have gotten much more attention since trump hired bannon, than before. neither was a huffington post or household name. i don't think that you can hold someone responsible for who endorses him. if i do learn in time that bannon had indeed associated himself with these groups, i will publicly revise my position. unfortunately, it's too easy to call someone a racist, and built a contrived case for such. i myself have been victimized in the same way, when comments made my others to this blog, were falsely attributed to me.

again, thank you for the comment, your opinions are always welcome.

Dave said...

When those that oppose you are committing suicide, the last thing you want to do is interfere with them.

Nancy Pelosi of California as a symptom of this, again being re-elected to House leadership, and Chuck Schumer of New York, replacing Harry Reid in the Senate. Democratic Party leadership is now officially bicoastal and fully un-representative of the remainder of America.

The Clinton-Obama message was "more of the same"; the new DNC message seems to be "off the cliff" Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have been elevated to leadership positions. Also, they are about to make Representative Keith Ellison of Minnesota chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

Congratulations Democrats, you get the leadership you deserve.

michael molovinsky said...

dave@12:42, the following was put up on facebook by dean browning.

Hillary received a plurality of the popular vote and did not get a majority. Those that say that is enough to overturn the results of the electoral college should consider this - Hillary Clinton has 62,391,335 votes from all states. She has 1,969,920 votes from the five counties that make up New York City, and 1,893,770 votes from Los Angeles County, California. Donald Trump has 61,125,956 votes from all states, including 461,174 votes from the five counties that make up New York City, and 620,285 votes from L.A. County. In other words, Hillary beat Trump 3,863,690 to 1,081,459 in New York and L.A.; he beat her by 60,044,497 to 58,527,645 in the rest of the country. So Hillary’s margin in the popular vote rests entirely on her margin in two large cities — neither of which was contested by the Trump campaign.

if the above tallies are indeed true, your statement about the Democratic Party leadership is now officially bicoastal and fully un-representative of the remainder of America. is even more relevant.

Aaron White said...

Does anyone know where I can find out what's going on with the dam in South Whitehall?

Geoff said...


You have grasped with two rows of teeth the most tiresome and irrelevant argument about the vote. The "point" is that many of us believe that one person=one vote. Whether that person lives in New York, Wyoming, Montana, or Georgia is not relevant. I got it, we're in a "republic" though I don't remember weighted votes in other republics.

I offer the same argument from those on the Democratic side that try to tie vote "value" to some measurement of state GDP--it doesn't matter. The same goes for PA and if you voted in Pike or Bradford County or Philadelphia.

Sort of disappointed that, after your criticism of President Obama for speaking on foreign policy while in office--you seem to have nothing to say about the gentleman making foreign policy while not in any sort of office.

Artful curmudgeons have something valuable to say about politics when they curmudgeonly evaluate ideas rather than blathering about who is the more politically incorrect. Take heed and please discuss your bridge!

Geoff said...

Come to think of it--I'm wrong--there certainly are republics that weigh the votes of some citizens to be much more valuable than others: Peoples' Republics.

michael molovinsky said...

geoff@4:24, i try to have a directed topic, as opposed to random observations. however, for your information, i'm appalled at the tweeting and recent phone calls. I understand that because i don't equate trump with hitler, it's being misinterpreted in some quarters as support.

Scott Armstrong said...

Geoff, You will have at least 4 years to gripe. We/Republicans/conservatives/beleaguered middle class have had to endure 8 years of sanctimony from a president that knew nothing but thought he knew all and Democratic leaders who made their contempt for those who dared to disagree very apparent. Look forward to reading the angst instead of writing it.

JoshLCowen said...

MM. I love your humorous reference to 'making popcorn at the mall' because I have been screaming about government labor stats for years. What they call 'manufacturing jobs' is a joke. Every laid-off woman who makes cupcakes from home to sell at Musikfest is considered a 'manufacturer.' If we had a real press we all would know this stuff.

JoshLCowen said...

Jamie Kelton, I am loathe to disagree with you, but here I go: while I might concede President Kennedy at least was an anti-communist, Humphrey was an all-in liberal for the Woodrow Wilson/FDR stripe. The media of the 1960s lionized Humprhey as the 'happy warrior' but what he was was angry. In his mind no liberal position could be put in place fast enough and was instrumental in pushing the failed Great Society through Congress, as the racist LBJ was paying lip service to it. All LBJ wanted was the lifetime vote of what he called the 'negras'. So because of Humphrey we have been saddled with three generations of dependency.

Scott Armstrong said...


I was a never Hillary voter. Hated Trump, still don't like him, that said, when the Democrats put Hillary in as their nominee the choice was easy for me, and many others. The Democrats only have themselves to blame for a President Trump.It is that simple.
All they can do now is what they have become expert at, lashing out and name calling. In this they are only confirming in people like me the notion that I made the correct choice. The Democrats need to spend time in the wildness to sort out their many disorders. A good first step would be to stop blaming others for their own disorders.

Robert Trotner said...

Check the Morning Call (he said with a smirk).

Robert Trotner said...

Fed Ed just gave a press conference. He proposed a last minute amended budget to gum up the works, refused to admit council's right to reduce his spending for professional services because he's already sent the money, and threatened a lawsuit over council's attempt to effect a reduction in the salaries of Pawlowski's cronies. Suspiciously, just before the press conference his solicitor,Susan Wild, put the squeeze on council by asserting a new interpretation of the charter budget rule that has never been suggested before: that if council fails to pass the budget by Thursday (rather than next Friday, the fifteenth as stated by the charter) Pawlowski's budget automatically goes into effect.

It looks as though the opportunity you've been looking for has been handed to you on a silver platter. The question is, do you really want to return to local politicAl issues?