Nov 29, 2016

Unfriending The Election Results

Before and since the election, I have been amused by reactions to Donald Trump. One facebook friend started to unfriend people yesterday that support Trump. Others are even less tolerant, and will unfriend those who don't loudly condemn Trump. They just cannot be associated with any possible connection to racism or xenophobia, even if contrived. I suspect that the next four years will be tough on them. Although, I do not believe that their characterizations are fair, this post isn't intended to defend Trump, but rather note the mindset of those so upset. Meanwhile, they feel free to viciously demonize, ridicule and mock anyone they suspect remotely connected to the evil one.

Counselors were actually recommending that family members didn't discuss the election at their Thanksgiving dinner. Nonsense like that makes bastards like me grin, and I don't smile that often.


Dave said...

I recall in 2000 the month that was spent arguing that Bush won or Gore won, although we didn't have social media back then, it's just as bad today, or perhaps even more vitriolic due to the social media explosion over the past decade.

The problem is that for the Clinton supporters, they don't understand why they lost. They don't understand that outside of San Francisco and New York, what the Democrats offered isn't what Americans wanted. They need to come to terms with the reality, first and foremost, and that will take some time.

If you value a friendship, even with a crazy liberal, DON'T get into a political talk with them, ESPECIALLY if they're a family member. Time will heal all wounds, more or less.

Scott Armstrong said...


When Republicans lose elections(and we have lost a few)we generally don't unfriend our liberal friends. We just stick to other subjects. Wish I could say the same courtesy was reciprocated on the other side.
When I started doing Facebook people I knew as friends "friended" me. I noticed that with the personal stuff they also posted their liberal political opinions. When I started doing the same they were surprised and said so. Apparently conservatives/Republicans aren't supposed to "politicize" social media. Did they think they weren't? I still don't know the answer to that. Will say that I several "friends" unfriended me in the last few months and don't even respond to emails.
Is it that, they can't abide that we do exactly what they do?

doug_b said...

What scares me is with this election it's obvious people have been brainwashed by the left.

While one hears the one sided reporting by the MSM, and newspapers, and the political correctness fed our children by the government schools, I didn't think the masses really bought the message so strongly.

What else is disturbing is that they don't think about the national debt. Now at $22 trillion, increasing by $2 trillion a year. This is something they should be angry about.

It's my guess they're angry that they won't get free 'stuff'. Free college? Study to be an astronomer? Take 6-8 years for a BA in urban studies? Free health care?

The left believes they have the right to many things - and the rest of us have the duty to pay for it. Their dream has been crushed. Now they have to work for what they want.

TRENT HALL said...

Hey Doug, when the Trump Administration & Republican Congress racks up the greatest deficit in history.....increasing spending for the military (i.e. kickbacks to DOD CEO contractors for funding Republican candidates), tax credits for building contractors for infrastructure projects, accompanied by tax cuts for the corporations & the wealthy...exactly what Reagan did to bankrupt us......are you going to complain about the national debt then? Didn't think Dick Cheney said......people (i.e.Republicans), don't care about the debt...only when a Democrat is President.

A cabinet of unqualified/disqualified billionaire Wall street types and repealing Obamacare & privatizing & reducing medicare/medicaid/Social Security.....that's really draining the swamp, huh big guy?