Nov 30, 2016

Looking For A Motive In Ohio

Main stream media tells us that the authorities are looking for a motive as to why the young angry Muslim immigrant attacked people at Ohio State.  Needless to say, I find the inquiry mind boggling.  With open hearts and closed eyes we have become easy targets.  We worry more about xenophobia and political correctness, than security. Our college professors want to label our self preservation instincts as racist.  We hide from the reality of our enemy's blind hatred, and instead concentrate on weapons, like gun control. The weapons used in Ohio were a car and kitchen knife.

While our social scientists look for complex answers, hopefully our government will resort to simple procedures, like increased vetting.

During WW2, the navy didn't have time to psychoanalyze each kamikaze pilot.


Dave said...

I'm truly saddened by the victims of this massacare, however it really needs to be noted that the policies of Ohio State helped to contribute to this trajedy. This is due to the university's policy which is strongly pro-Islamic immigration.

There is an organzation at Ohio State called "Refuge", whose goal is to bring putatively victimized foreigners to get a free education in America. It should be noted that many of the "refugees" aided by this program are not from Norway and Sweden; they are largely Muslims from the Middle East. Also, events are regularly held to propagandize the cause of bringing Islamic refugees to America.

If those at Ohio State are looking for a motive, all they need to do is look in the mirror.

Scott Armstrong said...

Everyone is laughing at the media now, except of course for the liberals who seek it out for comfort. It mainstream media is now bubble news. Covering only what it wants to, how it wants to, all to preserve and protect its own world view.
Of course this sort of coverage doesn't make for a well informed audience. That has become very clear.

alfonso todd said...

It would seem to me that while everyone is quick to racially profile this deranged man in Ohio who was a Muslim and label him a terrorist (before all the facts have been gathered), it's funny how the blame is being shifted to the school, media, and government due to the actions of this person. I say it's a double standard. He's dead so to assume ANYTHING shows a preferential thought process on those who want to be quick to label. Or have we forgotten about that nice young man who went in to the church in Charleston, SC and shot those 9 unarmed parishoners or a slew of examples of nice young men who were said to be mentally ill, stressed, or just snapped; yet not one was ever labeled a thug or terrorist. We can't even get them to label it a hate crime. Sheesh! The verdict is not in yet on Ohio, but don't allow only certain people to get labeled a certain way when in reality, no matter what your ethnicity, we all have the ability to go off "the hinges" and that sometimes is all that it is.

Alfonso Todd

Jamie Kelton said...

I was unaware that the religion one believes in is a racial identifier? We are being told constantly after each of these attacks that Islam is a religion of peace, however it always seems that the killer in these massacres is usually - but not always - Islamic.

Another term I have a problem understanding is the term "self radicalized". Does that mean that the killer just went "over the edge" mentally and became a deranged murderer without any type of external stimulation? Like a person sitting in a living room suddenly catching fire with no reason and self-cremates ?

Since our government and our media tell us that these murderers are only a very small percentage of people who are violent and radical then there should be many examples of countries where people who follow the Islamic faith are loving caring people. I can't seem to find any

michael molovinsky said...

alfonso@8:48, the church attack was a hate crime against blacks. the ohio state was a lone wolf jihadist attack. they are both too real. i don't think that we are too quick to label, but often too slow

Jamie Kelton said...

"Lone Wolf" is another confusing term. When a person is "Self Radicalized" does that also mean they murder and maim by themselves without any help or outside stimulation?

The mass murderers in San Bernadino (note the plural), were called "Self Radicalized Lone wolves". However, it seems that they had many friends in their apartment in Redond. Were they planning on creating a mosque in it? It seems that once the FBI went into their apartment, all of the news about them suddenly dissipated.

The guy in Orlado who shot up the nightclub was the same way. It seems that all of the details of what was found out about him, once it was reported he was talking in Arabic while gunning down all of the people in the club.. well, all the news reports stopped.

It does seem strange that all of these "Lone Wolves" seem to have friends and once that's discovered we never hear anything more. I suppose it's because they're dead maybe ?

Or are we being shielded from the actual facts by the Government and the Media. Where are all of the Bob Woodwards and Carl Bernsteins to investigate and publish information ?

Is it because Obama told them not to? Will they be so quiet now that Trump is going to be President?

Suburban Dad said...

Or is it possible that your normal everyday black on black, white on white or Christian on Christian killings just are not sensational enough for our news media? Throw in the word Islam, and at least the Muslim gets his 15 minutes of fame.

How do we know he wasn't just a Penn State fan?

Steven Ramos said...

What about just taking him at his word. We don't need to look for a motive he stated it for us. What we witness on an almost weekly basis is media slow to identify criminals when they are non-whites. I remember a case in Princeton of a woman who was attacked. The report gave all sorts of descriptors except name and race. At the end of the report they stated that the woman knew her attacker. It is completely ridiculous to not just say who he was by name and race if needed to help quickly identify him. Now we have everyone looking for a 5'9 person in blue jeans. The most notorious criminal in the USA is the man known as "Florida Man". It would be more helpful for media to give us all the known facts and stop trying to contextualize. We are mature enough to judge the report's ourselves. As far as thug that too is an argument with media however I don't recall media ever starting a crime report with "Thug arrested... tune in at 6".

Scott Armstrong said...

Alphonso, and Suburban dad,

It is no secret that one of the world's largest religions, Islam, has a significant subset of believers who are by all definitions radical in their views and extremist in their actions. They are willing to kill anyone and everyone they believe gets in the way of their goal of "whatever". This includes members of their own religion not just followers of other religions or non believers.Hundreds of thousands of Muslims have been killed and as well as tens of thousands of non Muslims. The death toll is significant and horrifying. Clearly war, mass murder, and suicide attacks, are routine for these fanatics and dressing it up with new vocabulary words,excusing and/or justifying it,attempting to blame others, and/or pretending it isn't what it is, is just plain stupid and the public gets it. They know what it going on and they are sick of their media and their governments equivocations, obfuscations, and denial on all this. This is all again being repeated with the Ohio State incident.

ironpigpen said...

Considering the fact that then unranked Penn State beat the # 2 Buckeyes in dramatic fashion only just a few short weeks ago as well as the fact that the perpetrator of this terrorist attack was, indeed, a student enrolled at The Ohio State University, I believe it is very safe to say the attacker was NOT a Penn State fan. Good grief! So relieved to know that Hillary "Blame It On A Video" Clinton will not be the next President of the United States.

Monkey Momma said...

But, this isn't WW2. And applying the same tactics now that the navy employed in the face of potential air ramming would be a big mistake.

Investigating this crime is not hiding from reality - it's attempting to get at the root of this particular insane man's personal motives. Isis can claim responsibility, but do you really want to take them at their word? And he can claim radical Islam motives, but do you trust an insane psychopath's confessions? What is the possible harm at uncovering as much of this man's background as possible? He's obviously not innocent, but we need to ascertain the exact nature of his guilt and study the mechanisms others may have used to influence his mind and criminal actions.

An advanced society like ours ought to be able to perform a multipronged attack on threats to innocent civilians: gun control and sensible profiling.

The hard truth is, there is not much we can do about a morally bankrupt and socially outcast man reading cult-like materials online and then acting upon those notions on his own. Society can only do so much. What we cannot do is expect guilt from a particular religion or race. People are not guilty until proven innocent, and the minute we make them so, we destroy our country's foundation.

michael molovinsky said...

momma@6:45, i wish that it was insanity, but unfortunately, it's ideology. now, i know that is not politically correct, especially here in this country in 2016, however, assigning such incidents to mental illness just makes us that much more vulnerable to further attacks.

Scott Armstrong said...

Like many others before him the perp was a very bright young man who threw away his future for the diabolical cause he believed in. These killers aren't insane! That is plain to see at this point for anyone willing to open there eyes. Wake up and smell the coffee! Or just keep explaining away every incident as it happens and pretend their is no real connection. And by the way, this is not WW2, it is something very new, very dangerous, and it isn't going away.

Scott Armstrong said...

Here's a thought, if people commit heinous crimes in the name of a particular religion, and the results are widespread and dreadful, is it unreasonable for those who perceive themselves to be on the receiving end to become fearful and wary of that religion?

According to many of our betters and much of the mainstream media it is.

Dave said...

Of course not. If you do that, you're labeled...

Or perhaps, even, even, even


Don't you know we're all supposed to join hands and sing kumbyah while swaying side to side each other in the circle

Now lets all go hug a tree ..... ?

JoshLCowen said...

1. Jamie is a jewel here.
2. Alphonso said the media were quick to identify the killer by race. The opposite is true: the very early broadcast reports simply said he was a 'student.' Well, if they knew he was a student then they knew his name. I doesn't take a college professor to put finish the rest of the story.
3. Islamism is not a race.
4. Ask Italian Americans, even those generations removed from Al Capone, about racial, or ethnic profiling.