Nov 7, 2016

Hillary Workers In Allentown

A facebook friend relayed the story that Clinton campaign workers, while canvasing the neighborhood, stopped in the church at 6th and Tilghman on Friday.  The workers, some Jewish and from as far away as California, found the former synagogue, turned church, architecturally interesting. I find it interesting that suburban liberals, from all over United States, end up at 6th and Tilghman, trying to squeeze out votes for Hillary. On Sunday, I bumped into a few of them myself.  They were from NYC, and one issue centric; Supreme Court appointments in regard to abortion.

The Clinton campaign had also hired professional firms nationwide to register the unmotivated to vote. Not exactly grass roots.  Hillary is hoping that Obama helps encourage the blacks to vote, and that Katy Perry and BeyoncĂ© help encourage the millennials.  Meanwhile, while the celebrities are filling the arena for Clinton, Trump is attracting his crowds on his own. CNN,  trying to temper the weekend surge for Trump in the polls, has even speculated that there is hidden Hillary support, that will appear on election day.  I think that the early voting, essentially bought and paid for by the Clinton campaign, was their surge.

Getting back to 6th Street in Allentown, this time 6th and Linden.  The Morning Call/Muhlenberg College Poll has Clinton ahead by 6 points in Pennsylvania. While that figure is pure liberal wishful thinking,  which has become the wheelhouse of newspapers and colleges, it may prove to be embarrassingly inaccurate.

photocredit: The Morning Call, August 2016


doug_b said...

Obama encourages illegals to vote:

At first I didn't believe the headline - but it is true - listen to the 1 minute clip!

Jamie Kelton said...

I dislike private groups that "register" voters. Voters should not be registered by third parties. This is how fraud begins. There are plenty of headstones in cemeteries to obtain names from, and illegals have been obtaining fraudulent identification for years for a price.

All that is really needed is to show your Driver's license, or a state government-issued photo identification card. There can be a bar code on it which can be read by a scanner to record the fact that you voted and matched against the list of voters. If Pennsylvania would comply with the Real-ID laws, that would also help to eliminate the fraud from the system.

But then, Democrats want to keep the system as it is, so the dead and the illegals can vote Democratic.

Jamie Kelton said...

Just look at the ads that Hillary has been running. It's 24/7 negative ads targeted at women reminding us that men say bad things about women and they stare at women and that men think we're nothing but sex objects.

DUUUHHH Wake up, I've known that since puberty. Tell me something new. Is that all you have to offer? Maybe you've never been able to attract a man, or are a lesbian? Don't pass your sexual inadequacies or hatred of men off on me. That's not a way to run a campaign Hillary, sorry.

Why don't you tell us what you want to do or how you'll do it? Do you really think that we're shallow and stupid like you are? What have you accomplished in life besides using your husband to get political power? He's as crooked as you are, but he's intelligent. You are not very intelligent from what I've been reading.. but you're just as slimy and crooked as Bill is.

Hillary Clinton doesn't represent She only represents herself. She would just as quickly deport the illegals after the election if it pleased her.. in fact, if she does win, expect her to deport some just to say "look at me and what I did"... while with the other hand she takes bribes under the smoke and mirrors...

We're not as stupid as you are Hillary.. we are quite capable to engage in critical thinking and not just run on emotion. I know women that are so rabid in their emotional rants that it defies all rationalization. So don't play your "woman card"... anyone with a semblance of intelligence sees though your bullshit. There is no logical reason for any woman to support this liar and simple thief.

doug_b said...

The Left's lust for power and control is so great, it will go to any length to succeed. The Democrats have built a constituency based on appealing to people who want something for nothing. Dem's have created and are finding ways to expand the entitlement class. But that's not enough. I would have never imagined that a US political party would allow unchecked illegal immigration - which creates yet another entitlement class, for their benefit.

Us chumps who work and pay for all the 'free stuff' are too busy to demonstrate. And if we say what's on our minds - then we are 'hateful' / xenophobes / racists.

The US has become the same situation - taxation without representation - that we struggled to rid ourselves of British Rule. Some may argue that we have a representative government - we know it's a sham / a racket / rigged / crooked.

Donald Trump's Argument for America - an excellent 2 minute speech:

Scott Armstrong said...


Leaving a house today for my lunch break the doorbell rang. Two fresh faced young people with smiles stood at the door. I said he is the home owner and walked to my car, on the way I heard the homeowner say, can't you people leave me alone, you call, leave stickers on my door telling everyone I am not home and now you are here again. Clearly they had worn out their welcome.
That said, we see them ever where and few of them are from Allentown. This is the Democrat turnout machine in action. Conversely the Republican turnout machine involves Republicans making sure they get themselves to the polls.
Trump is making the Dems work hard for PA.

TRENT HALL said...

Dear Trumplets.......Undoubtedly Trump will announce on Tuesday that he is launching an investigation into Hillary's connections to Bill Clinton. He is putting the same crack detectives he previously hired that went to Hawaii and discovered "amazing, truly amazing" things about Obama's fake birth certificate.

As for me, I'm going to bed now so that I can get up early Tuesday morning and go vote EARLY & OFTEN for Hillary.

TRENT HALL said...

2:44 AM