Nov 4, 2016

For My Gun Rights, But Against The NRA

As a gun owner, I'm a supporter of the 2nd Amendment. Although, that is a right which I defend, as an engaged citizen I appreciate living in a society of laws. There are rights and laws, and we can all live within them. I do not blindly consider every regulation as a curtailment of my rights, or as a slippery slope which will erode them. I can exercise my rights in a responsible manner, without purposefully provoking those who feel differently about this issue.

Each November the NRA sends it's current and former members a card telling them whom they should vote for in their district, to protect their 2nd Amendment rights. Although, their member magazine often features hunting rifles, the organization must also think of their members as sheep, who should only care about one issue. As Americans we should guard our right to own firearms,  but never tolerate being told how to vote.

reprinted from December of 2014. Shown above is a 38 special, gifted upon Frank Sinatra by the Miami Beach Police & Firemen's Association.


AuH20 said...

Nothing unusual about an organization recommending candidates for office. Surely we know that opposing organizations do the same. More speech is free speech.

Steven Ramos said...

The NRA only cares about one issue, the 2A, and anything that supports it in practice. It's up to us to prioritize which issue is more important.

TRENT HALL said...

Unfortunately, just as the NARP is basically a shill for the healthcare industry, whose advertising and kickbacks (i.e. "licensing/branding" rights) dominate the organization and it's polices, likewise the NRA is an industry shill for the gun manufacturers, whose policy of opposition to any regulation of any kind affecting guns, dominates and determines policies for the NRA. Wayne LaPierre has become as unglued & lunatic as Rudy Giuliani braying about Trump or Howard Dean for Clinton. These people are an insult to any rational adult conversation about the subjects they screech about.