Sep 16, 2016

X-Raying Trump and Clinton

Nothing exemplifies the difference in media treatment more than the controversy about the candidates's health.  While Clinton literally collapses,  the liberal media is concentrating on the disclosure that Trump doesn't exercise.  To me, it doesn't appear that Hillary works out too much either.  Putting aside political bias,  it takes no doctor to see that Trump is in better shape.  Although that certainly doesn't qualify him as a better candidate,  it does disqualify any media pretense for objectivity.  Both of the candidates are pushing 70.  Many of us that age don't have the energy to attend a rally, much less give one every night.

As someone who is basically non-partisan, it has become more difficult to discern attempted truth in the news.  Truth seekers must mix numerous sources,  then go through an elaborate filtration process to distill small drops of it.  We have come to rely on those sources which lie the least.

illustration credit: Ben Garrison@grrrgraphics


Robert Trotner said...

I think the media bias in favor of Trump throughout the primary, except for a brief period during and after the Democratic primary, has been blatant. Trump's bearhug embrace of bizarre, fringe Alt-Right values and prople supporive of racism and antisemitism (except for what the campaign calls "media moments") are not acceptable and should not be countenanced.

Scott Armstrong said...

Mike, As of last night, NPR was still reporting Hillary's collapse as a "dizzy spell" caused by heat and dehydration. The people who believe that are the same as those who buy the big lie that Republicans are racist, homophobes.
If Jeb Bush would have won the Republican primary the Democrat Party/hate machine would be calling him a racist homophobe now.
Mike, we both have been called a racist on social media by the local left, not because we are, but because we have to be impugned because we dare to speak up.Robert is apparently carrying on in the fine tradition of Democratic slander. That begs the question; is that all they have?

Jamie Kelton said...

I wouldn't be surprised if Hillary Clinton began campaigning in a wheelchair saying she was channeling Franklin Roosevelt. Especially during the debates when she would have to stand for an extended period of time.

Mr Armstrong: The Clinton campaign can't talk about her record, or her past, or any of her achievements, so yes, a negative campaign is all she has to offer the voters. I'm a Deplorable and I like it.

doug_b said...

It's something like 53 days before the election - I haven't seen one bumper sticker - for either candidate.

I tell you the Fourth Turning is coming (Google it).

Steven Ramos said...

Mike, the problem today is that people don't allow the light of experience to change their minds and they don't want to read anything beyond their view point or research what past generations went through to discover how we should deal with the issues of the day. There is nothing new under the sun except new fanciful ways to promote failed ideas.

George Ruth said...

What is amazing about media bias is that they think they are not. I know many local journalists, good people all. But if you read the personal Facebook posts---especially those of former journalists now free to spew their venom publicly--- you would be shocked at the liberal bent they exhibit. If they find fault in some aspect of Trump's candidacy I can understand it, but their outright adoration of Hillary is astounding for people we are told have cynicism of public figures running in their veins.

Scott Armstrong said...


I can tell you from personal experience as an election official in Allentown the press was very predictably biased in favor of the Liberal position to the point of routinely ignoring important issues and misquoting me. Of course Ce-Ce is always golden.

Dave said...

I'd be embarrassed as hell to have a Mayor named Ce Ce.