Sep 15, 2016

The Dimness of Allentown's Future

This blog concerns itself with the intersection between local politics and history. By those parameters, the future of Allentown does indeed looks bleak. There is nobody on the political horizon who appears pragmatic enough for the current reality. We are aptly described as a small town with big town problems. The potential crop of candidates even believe that positive thought in itself is a strategy. Now, positive thought certainly has its place, I enjoy sermons by Joel Osteen; However, it's not enough of a plan with which to manage a city. They have confused J.B. Reilly's real estate portfolio with revitalization. The candidates on the horizon, at best, suffer from political correctness, at worst, to outright acceptance of the status quo.

I believe that it is possible that Ed Pawlowski will not be prosecuted, or will be exonerated if indicted. More on that in a future post. I personally think that a fourth Pawlowski term would be better than some of the alternative candidates.

As for history, and the importance of its gift for future generations, there is nobody serving on any level of local government who has a clue.


Scott Armstrong said...


I have to think the state Democratic Party will have a hand in deciding who our next mayor is. Watch to see which candidate they steer their resources to. That will very likely be the winner.

George Ruth said...

I'm for Mike Schlossberg. Think about it: we will save a ton by not needed a City Council. Mike can just vote 'in their absence."