Aug 18, 2016

Start A Blog

I was recently asked how to start a blog, it's very easy. In the upper right hand corner of this page, click on Create Blog. Blogspot will take you through the process, step by step. When it comes to comments, it's important to allow anonymous comments, because people love to give their opinion, without revealing their identity. In addition to Blogspot, there are other blogging platforms available. You can even make money by allowing advertisements, or solicit your own sponsors. However, don't expect to make more than $100,000 the first year. It's important to be diplomatic, and not insult any elected or appointed officials. Cultivate a good rapport with the local media. Never insult your readers.

Now, although the above advise is top notch, I'm too stubborn and mean to follow it; that's why I am left with readers the likes of you.

As for Allentown, it's in suspended animation, awaiting for the culmination of the Pawlowski investigation.   So, while in this municipal trance,  you're reduced to the likes of me.

my new portrait, taken by Hub Wilson, for my upcoming second attempt at Mayor of Allentown 


Whethervain said...

Self-deprecating favorite genre; this post has equal portions for all.

George Ruth said...

You could have at least used Mussolini's photo. At least we could then count on a good Italian restaurant in the city.