Aug 17, 2016

A Joke in Allentown

According to news reports, J. B. Reilly got permission from the Allentown Zoning Board to demolish several buildings for his new Tower of (his) Opportunity at 6th and Hamilton.  What suspense, who knew what would happen?  Some of the comments reported at the hearing were precious.  The Preservation People, not to be confused with the Village People, complained that the buildings to be demolished were historical. They wanted to know if Reilly could possibly incorporate the old brick facades into his modern glass and steel tower?  Oh well puppies, you tried, have a doggy treat before your nap.  The zoners were also adorable. One spoke about the economic gain for Allentown,  I never knew that was a zoning consideration.  Another suggested that the Preservation Puppies give tours of some other old buildings, and sensitize Allentown to the issue.  Reilly's manager talked about the property taxes that will coming Allentown's way.  Funny, but he never mentioned Reilly's appeal of the assessments on previous buildings,  which were approved and constructed.


Jamie Kelton said...

Reading your comments about the Zoning Board meeting which you attended. You also understand, Mr. Molovinski, the bullshit piles up so fast with Reilly, you need wings to stay above it all.

I read about the 1962 Bicentennial, my dad has slides of the big parade that his parents took him to and I have a book which the city published.. I have some of the souvenirs that my parents gave me. I have to wonder, when, in 2062, what will be said about all this, and what Allentown will be like when it's 300 years old.

michael molovinsky said...

jamie@5:38, I did NOT attend the zoning board meeting. my post was based on news reports by the morning call and wfmz, which is why i included the link to the morning call article. however, there was nothing new said at that meeting, that wasn't mentioned in previous meetings and this blog. for the most part i no longer attend meetings, except to address the board or council.

Geoff said...

At this point, between the legislative shenanigans of Pat Browne and the zoning board/tax assessment questions, Pennsylvania should probably just consider something even more radical like making center-city Allentown a tax-free zone and just paying for city services at the state level. Call it an experiment in urban renewal.

We've now reached the point where politicians and developers can openly use these processes to the benefit of themselves and favored clients (my new favorite--a rock concert support business in Lititz) and any measurable outcome of development is a secondary consideration.