Jun 9, 2016

Toast Your Worms In Harrisburg

Our elected officials in Harrisburg are patting themselves on the back because they passed some legislation making it easier to buy beer and wine in Pennsylvania. While buying beer in Pennsylvania has never been difficult, expanding the sale of wine to select licensed grocery stores is new. The switch is expected to yield about $150million yearly in taxes.

It was difficult seeing the state house midgets not pass a budget for 18 months. It is difficult seeing useless commissions cost taxpayers $millions of dollars, decade after decade, administration after administration. It is difficult seeing the degree of cronyism is a state which can only be called corrupt, anything less is mincing words. Where else than Pennsylvania can you have an Attorney General's sister suing the state for equal pay from her sister's office. How is that for nepotism gone wild?

Although,  the new liquor bill seems to be win/win for both the state and residents, in Pennsylvania, the devil is always in the details.

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Chilio Pepper said...

Such as..where will the supposed $150 million new taxes go?