Jun 10, 2016

Allentown Begging For Startup Failures

After announcing the loan contest last fall, Allentown is now begging for applicants for the Shark-Tank type business loan program. As you can tell from the sponsors, this is essentially geared for minority applicants, although such a thing would never be actually printed in our politically correct era. Ed Pawlowski titled his facebook post, City Seeks Retail Entrepreneurs. Real entrepreneurs don't have to be sought. The next step will be actively recruiting people to apply. No non-profit bureaucrat worth his salt would ever let a gift horse get away unused. In the molovinsky world, if someone doesn't have the volition to get funding on their own, who needs them. Imagine a contest where nobody comes forward even for free money. Rather than say, OK, no worthwhile applicants, you now try and create them. Mayor Ed calls this program a fanastic use of CDBG funds. Actually, it's a colossal waste of our federal taxdollars. Welcome to Allentown. Welcome to Pennsylvania's premiere poverty magnet. Welcome to the place where even a $Billion dollars of taxpayer money hasn't really kick-started the town.


Rich Fegley said...

Maybe it's the $2/hr parking meters that run until 10pm, six days a week? Why would you want to open your small business in downtown Allentown?

One billion dollars. $100 million in taxes returned to the developers so far.

How has the N in NIZ been improved? We have an Arena, what else?

What did the 20% of that $100 million get the Neighborhood? Debt service on the Arena?

Ray Nemeth Sr said...

If you want to help entrepreneurs, cut regulation, taxes and all the obstacles placed in front of people trying to work for themselves.

ironpigpen said...

What, building a Palace of Sport does NOT stimulate and economy?

Wow, I'm totally shocked and speechless.

Fuck you, Allentown.

Chilio Pepper said...

@ Rich Fegley: Welcome to The Land of IZ

ninoshinkicker said...

Great. The mayor of allentown is trying to entice back the bodegas and tattoo parlors of yesteryear. What do they get with this mini-NIZ inducement; a new awning, neon sign, a year's worth of liability insurance?

Monkey Momma said...

Just wait until we hear who wins. My bet is on the connected applicants, like the Ce Ce Gerlach types.

george schaller said...

The clueless are at large and in charge, democratical dysfunction is running wild and there circus acts are spreading like a wildfire in dry brush baron land?! Not only is public officials complicite/cognagant of the getto's that are the infection this is part of the design of the circus designing people?!
We all read of plague infecting the area yet because it is mostly innocent indigent childrens children there is a carnival too create?!