Oct 1, 2015

Pennsylvania, A State Of Thieves

Back in July, I reported how the state was stealing from drivers at the Pocono turnpike exchange. By installing an EZ Pass only exit at the popular destination, and charging $65 per pop, per vehicle, the state has been making $150,000 a week at that point of robbery. It's been so lucrative, that the state will now duplicate the crime on both ends of the turnpike; At the Delaware crossing into New Jersey and at the western side, with Ohio. Welcome to Pennsylvania.  Meanwhile, back in Harrisburg, our visionary with the beard, has vetoed the stop gap budget presented by the  State House, forcing local school systems to issue bonds,  incurring more interest and debt payments.  A sorry state indeed.


Anonymous said...

Wolf's actions have been a disgrace. For a guy who claims to care about schools and the disadvantaged, he sure has a funny way of showing it.

Certainly there is a number for schools and human services that both sides can agree on, and there's no reason why that amount can't be settled and the monies released to school districts, counties and others. Then they can fight over any increase.

In addition, the Governor is also holding up the FEDERAL dollars that flow through Harrisburg.

But while little things like school funding have been put on hold, the Governor is keeping the state stores open. Apparently, they're more important than our kids.

Dreaming Of Justice said...

State stores generate income from prohibitive taxes. Schools are a distant second to that priority.
It's done all over the United States: hold school funding hostage, so that you can pin the blame on the other guys for not approving your version of the budget. Shameful behavior and a time honored tactic for both sides of the aisle.

Anonymous said...

I've been telling everyone I know to "Boycott the PA Turnpike between Harrisburg & Pittsburgh to save $44 in tolls round-trip by using US 22." This alternate adds 45 minutes to your driving time, but the toll savings pays for the round trip fuel expense.

Anonymous said...


To your point, I think we've seen that Gov. Wolf is for forced-membership teachers' unions, but that is a very different thing than supporting taxpayer-funded education. Moreover, to be more specific, Wolf has been supportive of the commissars of the forced-membership teachers' union, which is certainly not the same thing as being supportive of the forced-membership union's conscripted teachers.


John said...

EVERY plate is scanned these days. All of Ontario's Route 407, Maryland's Intercounty Connextor, and other roads in North America are moving to All-Electronic Tolling. An EZ-Pass installed makes it MARGINALLY easier for the PTC to collect tolls. The plan is not to penalize, but to encourage drivers to get a transponder. That said, the transponder system in the part of the country is looking more and more like a sweet deal for the suppliers of the units. With all vehicles checked by plate, why will we even need a transponder in the very near future?

The Maryland multiplier is 1.3 times the cost of a transponder toll. I expect the PA rate to be about the same (but over the cost of a cash toll).

Anonymous said...

I think the ASD has enough directors to staff a fortune 500 company. Enough already

Anonymous said...

So far, 4 ezpass only ramps in PA.
Seems that most states or commissions, like parking authorities, read the same trade mags. This "scam" is prevalent across the country - wherever toll roads exist.