Jul 20, 2015

Pennsylvania, A State Of Corruption

In one week, the city hall of two large cities are raided by the FBI, and a third former mayor for life, Reed of Harrisburg, is indicted. Pennsylvania is rotten to the core, and has been for many decades. Last week, I was astonished to see that the Pocono Mountain Exit of the turnpike was EZ Pass only. This is one of Pennsylvania's few destinations,  and where many seniors, who are technology averting, come to vocation. A couple days later, I read that Pennsylvania was taking in big bucks from the fines; They charge the drivers as if they entered the turnpike at the furthest entrance, on the Ohio state border. I could complain to one of the people on the turnpike commission, but we all know that they do nothing. I could complain to one our state representatives, but we all know that they're only concerned with telling us who to vote for, locally on city council, school board and the county commission. Of course, these state reps are experts on democracy, often having no opponents, term after term. It is amusing watching them trying to distance themselves from our local mayor. The PAC, Citizens For A Better Allentown, which both Schweyer and Schlossberg supported along with Pawlowski, has closed shop. Now, those candidates who had relished Pawlowski's support, must now defend their lack of judgement. It's interesting now that The Morning Call finally woke up from their long kitten nap. It's not that they turned into journalists, but they're trying to avoid looking like fools. Since the Philadelphia media picked up on the lack of local ethics, the Morning Call has been forced to reevaluate their former cheerleading. I don't believe that molovinsky on allentown will ever be accused of fluff and puff.


Anonymous said...

The absolute collapse of the Lehigh Valley press is fully half of the story here.
Appalling. Pathetic. Quite perhaps criminal in one instance.

Anonymous said...

Both you and Bernie deserve a special award- that of Good Citizens.
You both served the public in the truest sense- getting the word out about unscrupulous dealings, questionable ethics, and holes in the fabric of local democracy. People laughed at you both and were scornful and derisive. You were marginalized, and shouted down. Those people are now ALL facing state of federal inquiries. You could hardly write a more surreal and more poetically just ending to this long, tragically stupid story.

You personally have taken up the cause of the city's woebegone parks, and you led the charge to preserve Wehr's Dam, even before the Wehrs did. Bernie has attracted regional attention and has become established regionally as a bonafide news source. The insular, parochial and myopic world view of the Lehigh Valley has changed for the better. There's a huge amount of work to be done, and the investigations are just beginning, but the status quo has been broken. That is huge.
I confess that I have been disappointed with the way things have been here, to the point where I have planned to sell my properties and head elsewhere. My kid is at college, my relatives are gone. But there are some really energetic and good people here, I think. Maybe I will stick around, at least for a while to see how it all shakes out.

Anonymous said...

It's unfortunate how far the Morning Call has fallen as a reliable source of news. A huge part of that, I believe, is due to its heavy-handed Chicago Tribune ownership. Add in a smaller staff due to declining revenues, stronger source material through the internet, and this level of coverage is what we get.

It never ceases to amaze, how many essential questions never get asked, how many comments are seemingly not pursued. Our current local government situation is perhaps the biggest story in decades. Story leads everywhere, plenty to keep readers busy and satisfied for months. Who knew?

Fred Windish

michael molovinsky said...

fred@8:37, the call reporters will get the keystone journalism award this year for their coverage of pawlowski-gate. that's why all three reporters are sharing the by-line on these stories. in reality, assad and kraus should get reprimanded by their peers, for writing only puff pieces for two years.

Anonymous said...

We'll see. Although I'm disappointed in the Call right now, I've subscribed for MANY years and plan to continue. Just seems like a wasted opportunity in a Lehigh Valley region that now approaches 800,000 people. Part of me DOES believe the local employees have little choice about some of this decline. I've always treasured newspapers, just hoping for better.

Keep up YOUR good work. We need it.

Fred Windish

John said...

Every vehicle entering every turnpike toll plaza/interchange, whether EZ-Pass-equipped or not, has its plate photographed. This has been true for some time. I believe there's been a drop in violation notices for EZ-Pass holders whose transponders have not registered. The reason? Backoffice checking of validity before the violation letters are mailed.

All new tollroads are moving to barrierfree toll collection. The PA Turnpike system is as well. My observation: the EZ-Pass transponder contract is sweet and lucrative and will remain even in a world where transponders are quickly becoming buggy-whip technology.

Vestpocket proof: a rental car I had which I had registered plates on along with an EZ-Pass and subsequently removed debited my account for bridge crossings. It's all confirmed by plate capture.

Anonymous said...

The rot runs deep in the Valley.
Many who are not indicted, or even interviewed, are culpable in dirty transactions and low-level graft and greed.
It runs deep and well many of us take this for granted there are others reading this blog that may find this shocking.
It's no less true.

AuH20 said...

Just imagine if this lawlessness was going on in a Heydt Administration! The media would be orgasmic. Rather, we get stories about how much worst the murder rate used to be in Allentown.

Bill said...

I have been a long term Pawlowski critic. I have to say that Mike Schlossberg has been the most responsive State Rep that I have experienced in this District. I may draw some heat for saying so - but it is what I have experienced. My impression has been that he has worked hard to understand issues and change things - particularly on issues that I care about, so I would disagree he only cares about getting elected. He often responds on the same day I contact him. For the record I have not donated any money to any of these people and there can be little expectation that I would.

michael molovinsky said...

bill @7:19, i'm sure he knows who you are, and the agency you work for. from my point of view, he's much less. never saw him vote against pawlowski as a council member. he realizes what the pensions have done to both local and state government, but wouldn't buck the party to vote for change. endorsed pawlowski's pac. all you're really saying is that you think he's better than jenn mann, but wasn't his job under her to accommodate constituents?