Jan 2, 2015

When Puppets Think They're Real

Ray O'Connell is poised to be the next Allentown City Council President. Julio Guridy is spinning the change that he is granting the position to O'Connell, because it will be good for him to be president for a year. He notes the big decisions, such as the water lease and the NIZ, as his legacy. Michael Schlossberg, on a recent Business Matters, noted his involvement in the NIZ by voting for eminent domain. On Pawlowski's facebook page, a friend compliments him as the architect of the NIZ and Allentown's revival. I'm sure that when J.B Reilly is depositing the state income tax checks into City Center's account, he doesn't care which of the puppets wants to think of himself as real.


Anonymous said...

Gurity also voted for the obsene police contract,that really helped the city.

Anonymous said...

"All good politics start at Home"
Think on that next time you step into the polling booth....PJF

Dreaming of Justice said...

I have no strings to hold me down
To make me laugh
To make me frown'
I have no strings
As you can see..
there are no strings on me

Julian Kern said...

Rubber stampers for the mayor. Jeanette Eichenwald is the only council member willing to stand up to the administration. This needs to change as we need to vote in new council members. Our current city council sits back and does nothing about the issues the city faces. All they do is stamp their yes vote on everything for the mayor.

It is obvious who the rubber stampers are now and in the past. They all stick together. This includes past city council members who are now in other government positions. I am sure you guys can figure out who I am talking about.

Until we change who our elected officials are the same thing will continue.

2015 has three seats up for re-election. They are:
Jeanette Eichenwald, Joe Davis, and the appointed Jeff Glazier.

In my opinion Joe Davis and Jeff Glazier need to be voted out.

Anonymous said...

Comrade Molovinsky,

With all due respect, surely you have lost sight of the fact that we now have an opulent Palace of Sport.

The grand transformation is going wonderfully and, every day, the local newspaper has another fabulous article to confirm as much, too.

I am very grateful to the All-Star Council of Rubber Stamp Apparatchiks, for obvious reasons.

Anytime you are ready to abandon this incessant counter-revolutionary subversion, get on board and ride the Free Money Train, I would be more than proud to have you sit next to me, Comrade.


Soviet Red Army (ret)

Anonymous said...

Mr korn has got this one rights with the ironlady and her sack being intact? Counsil has participated in criminal activity since the mayor has taken his seat in 2006?

By ommitting and participating in the intterogation, yet having cause rulings faked? This all as certian individiauls had interm people in certian seats with the paperwork being slinged around till new appointments of participants were filled?

Korn my young ladd dig deeper as I am sure MM will be serving his readers news worth stories in the comming year? This being yet another advertismental circus sideshow ommitted weekend?

patent pendin

Dreaming of Justice said...

Julian Kern when you wish to run for office, I shall contribute to your campaign. I am serious.

michael molovinsky said...

redd, mr. kern does seem interested in a more independent city council. i would suggest that if he runs, it be as a democrat, because a republican hasn't been elected in many years. as a reformer, getting on to the ballot would still be difficult for him.

you are correct that this blog will continue to point out inequalities in the coming years, however, i never make accusations of criminal activity.

Julian Kern said...

There is a high chance that I will run this year for city council and yes it will be as a democrat because if you run as a republican or independent your chances are slim.

I never liked politics and am probably more an independent because I believe in just doing the right thing instead of the fighting back and fourth that the democrats and republicans do.

Since I would be running as a democrat getting on the ballot shouldn't be a problem. It's just getting residents to vote for someone else then who is already on there since Joe Davis and Jeff Glazier will have the mayor's support. I think that would be the biggest obstacle to over come but doesn't hurt to try.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, Julian Kern. And as someone who has been thru the political gauntlet and fire, just as MM has, I would say give it ALL that you have. Don't get discouraged and that no matter what, you ARE a winner for jumping into the fray either way. It takes guts to do so!

Alfonso Todd