Jan 5, 2015

Smoke And Reality Of The NIZ

Ce-Ce Gerlach in her debate with Ed Pawlowski on Business Matters had to keep calling the mayor out on his distortions about the NIZ. He referred to a position of waitress at the Hamilton Kitchen as transformative. Although it may be life changing for that particular woman, being a waitress is nothing novel or prosperous for hundreds of others in the Lehigh Valley. Ce-Ce pointed out that the quality of her life at 9th and Walnut won't improve until there are grocery stores and pharmacies in her neighborhood. Toward the end of the program Pawlowski finally did concede that the jobs going to the local folks are entry level. Funny to see a Democrat defending trickle down economics. While Ce-Ce would like to see inclusionary zoning for the new upscale flats, Pawlowski had a slip of the tongue and referred to it as exclusionary. I believe that neither Ce-Ce or suburban apartment owners need worry about gentrification in downtown Allentown, it won't happen.


Anonymous said...

I just finished watching the video of Mr.Iannelli's program.I have to wonder if this is the same Tony Iannelli Who was the janitor on Hamiliton Street during the Downtown Improvement Days.That being said I appreciated Mr. Pawlowski's description of Allentown being similar to Kabul Afghanistan .Did I hear Mr.Schossberg refer to Himself as a Jewish Nazi.It was a very entertaining program and I plan on forwarding it on

michael molovinsky said...

@10:33, i think that iannelli was the very hands on director of the improvement district. schossberg noted that as a jew it was ironic to be called a nazi during the eminent domain council hearing. pawlowski's reference to center city as kabul for his first two administrations was unfortunate.

Anonymous said...

Yea MM,
But the hole truth of the matter is that the entire rest of the city is now similar to Afganistan¿ To trade one for the other is rediculus even if persay only for a few years¿ The desemmation that will be happining will become irrepairable even with a couple billion¿

patent pending

Julian Kern said...

I love how when Ce-Ce was bring up valid legit points Pawlowski kept saying that is not true and tried over talking her. He can be so rude sometimes.