Dec 4, 2014

Wehr's Dam Swan Song

When the elderly man stood up last night, it was apparent that arthritis was winning it's long time battle. As Leroy Schmidt walked forward to once again address the South Whitehall Commissioners, he apologized for his slowness. Schmidt has stood outside for five months, in all kinds of weather, to collect over 6,000 signatures to save his beloved Wehr's Dam. He explained to the Commissioners that it was becoming too cold for him to remain outside by the dam, and then in a gesture that would melt most hearts, he sang a song that he composed about how much he loves Wehr's Dam. Although the Commissioners curtly thanked him, it was not their type of presentation. They refuse to make any decision on the dam until KCI Consultants, hired by the Wildlands Conservancy, makes a professionally produced power point presentation next year. The Wildlands hired KCI to help them demolish Wehr's Dam. Although Leroy Schmidt is fighting for the history and beauty of South Whitehall, his simple song may have fallen on deaf ears.

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