Oct 22, 2014

Vanilla or Chocolate, The Sad Lack of Political Choice

Yesterday, some fella came on to my campaign site, Mr. Molovinsky Goes To Harrisburg, and asked why I'm any different than the Republican. I replied that it was a strange question, considering that recently the former chair of the Republican party accused me of having Democratic positions. Within another two questions, it was very apparent that this visitor to my site was in fact a junior political operative cadet. After a visit to his page revealed a picture of Tom Wolf as his cover photo,  operative in training pants was dispatched. The trainee then reported the results of his mission to Terri Powells' Campaign page. Another pack member then congratulated her on being the only candidate in the debate who answered all the questions.

The Morning Call article on the debate accurately reported that I questioned several of the questions. The article made it less clear that after my editorials, I did in fact answer every question. In the case of the student loan question, I replied that there are different colleges available with a large range of  tuitions. I feel that if one contracts a loan, or a mortgage, it is an obligation that should be met. Furthermore, honoring those obligations is educational in itself.

It's sad that the political machine is Pennsylvania is spending a 100 $million dollars to give most voters only two choices for each position. That wouldn't be much of an ice cream parlor, regardless of how fancy it might be. It's my honor to give the voters of the 183rd District a real choice.

CORRECTION: In the majority of the State Representative races, 6 out of 11, there are no choices, the incumbents are unopposed.


Dreaming of Justice said...

You know how it goes- what's an ice cream parlor without NUTS?

I think the people of District 183 need spumoni- they'll get some of each flavor represented, and some flavors they don't get every day.

The two party tired out system is OVER- if we SAY it is, no matter HOW much "they" spend!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Jim Fiorentino stands for everything that is wrong with Democrats. It's why people like you are refreshing.

When Mitt Romney was running for President, Fiorentinto espoused religious intolerance against Mormons. As Planning Chir in Bethlehem, he fought against Twiggar's replacement on the Planning Commission, though it was obvious that Twiggar is NIZ conflicted. He defended ethically conflicted Karen Dolan. He stands for everything that is wrong with partisan politics.

And what is with Powell's "That does not surprise me" retort? That's certainly unprofessional.

michael molovinsky said...

bernie, yes, to come on someone's campaign page as a disingenuousness operative seemed rather juvenile, at best.