Sep 12, 2014

The Partisan Money Machine

The upcoming fundraiser for Justin Simmons will be held at the upscale Melt at the Promenade Shops in Center Valley. Attending will be Pat Toomey, Charlie Dent, Bob Lovett, Bill Heydt, and so on. Tickets start at $250 and run to $1000. My opponent, ten term Julie Harhart, will also be in attendance. I assume that she will be treated in kind soon enough. Someone recently commented on a post that he supports issues, not partisan politics. Although it's easy to say that you think independently, are you willing to contribute to an independent? My neighbors have already received four recent mailings from Julie Harhart. I don't need $1000 contributions at the Melt. I don't even need $250 donations, but I do need $25 from many of you. I expect just one mailing to cost $10,000 to the large district. If you have a problem with an incumbent who is running for her eleventh term, and voted herself a 50% pension increase, please contribute to my campaign. Please help me make the residents of the 183rd District know that there is an alternative available for them. Please let Harrisburg know that the voters of Lehigh Valley are not to be taken for granted. I have installed a paypal button on the sidebar, thank you.


doug_b said...

This is what you are fighting:

During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.

~George Orwell

Political language. . . is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable

~George Orwell

Anonymous said...

MM,as we are in another edited out weekend and the political media machine must stick to its advertisments? This has been a hole week of nothing except the grand opening?

The first post is genuinely factual surrounding this day and ages political agendas?

Mr. Orwell should truth be told its all based on the big lie and how much can be sold to the public?

patent pending

michael molovinsky said...

redd@10:12, you are correct that it can never be said that the morning call failed to properly promote the arena.

Anonymous said...

Politics is as politics does.

I was told once, that you needed to "go along to get along".

Kind of took that to mean I needed to sell my soul if I wanted to "get anywhere" in "politics".

The event you reference in the blog is a perfect example of this. There will be a lot of smiles, atta boys, and pats on the back as the new recruit is indoctrinated properly into the party philosophy.

I cannot tell you how many times I have seen well meaning individuals get caught up in the system. They seem to morph into political amorality from a previously noble and honorable philosophy.

Keep on your path. It is the only way.