Aug 7, 2014

Saving Wehr's Dam

Last night, in another presentation to save Wehr's Dam, Bob Schantz brought a groundhog to the Commissioner's meeting. Schantz is the direct descendent of Guth, as in Guth's Covered Bridge, Guth's Station, and Guthsville. Also present was William Wehr, grandson of the mill and dam owner. This groundhog predicts something or other, every year at the dam. Sitting toward the back of the room, it was unclear to me if the groundhog was real, or just a puppet.

I have been in training for a major stunt of my own, going over the dam in the barrel shown above. Because the Wildlands Conservancy has removed all the dams in the area, I must travel to Massachusetts, where they still respect history, to find a mill dam to practice on.

Morning Call report on meeting by Meghan Moravcik Walbert report on meeting by Stephen Althouse

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